Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am Viv, a German living in beautiful Scotland with my husband N. We bought our first house at the end of 2014 and just got married during the summer of 2015. Not even a month after our wedding, we adopted two cats from a local shelter. Willow and Jess are such delightful creatures and we love sharing our home with them.

After spending nearly all my life in Germany, I packed up my entire existence and moved to Edinburgh in March 2013. I say nearly, because I did spend a year each living in the US and in Spain during university.

Let’s do a little stroll down memory lane. After graduating with a degree in humanities, I moved to small-town Germany for my first real job in early 2011. I found myself an amazing apartment, walk-in closet and all, and made it home. With a full-time job and an apartment I was paying all the bills on, I’d arrived in grown-up land.

Small-town life was never really my thing, so I never intended to settle down there, but life did throw me a curve ball when I met N. in the summer of 2011. After years of being single, I met an amazing man I fell in love with, who felt the same way about me.

The catch? He lived in the UK. We started dating in March 2012 and spent a year doing the long-distance thing, only spending a weekend at a time together, and when I knew this was something serious, we began talking about my moving to Edinburgh. You can find out more about our story by reading my first post: How it all began.

In March 2013, I gave up my job and my apartment, and started a new life, with N., in Edinburgh. While it was all a little scary, it was also incredibly exciting.

I have now been living in the UK for 3 years, and while life here has not been without its challenges, it has been great living with N. and building a life together. The second half of 2014 brought some really positive changes to our lives: I found a new job and we bought our first house together. After getting engaged in January 2015, we got married in August 2015.

Having settled into life in Edinburgh, I am so excited for the things to come for me personally and for us as a couple.


I have been blogging in some shape or form for a long time (since 2001!), although I only started this blog in August 2012, when I started planning my move to the UK. I love social media, especially blogging and Instagram. You can find links to my social media profiles here (use the password ‘social’ to unlock the page).

I am a huge bookworm, and after some time of turning up my nose at e-readers, I got a Kindle in early 2012. (It really came in handy with all the flights while we dated long-distance not to mention moving abroad, because books? Are heavy and take up lots of space.) I was always a bookworm but haven’t read an entire book in months. This needs to change.

I love photography, both with my DSLR and my iPhone (see Instagram). I enjoy travelling, and I can’t wait for our honeymoon to San Francisco, Hawaii and New York City in February. I am a bit of a homebody, but spending time with my friends is very important to me – having dinner or drinks, catching up over coffee or just chatting away are my perfect idea of quality time with friends.

Other things I enjoy are good movies and TV shows, snuggling up on the sofa (with a good movie or TV show), cooking and baking, geocaching and music.