My third UKiversary & a new job

After we came back from our honeymoon, I threw myself back into my job hunt. Over the next month, I had a few interviews, even made it to the second stage at one company, but the 3-month mark of being unemployed came and went and I felt like I was still no closer to a job. I must admit I was getting a little frustrated and tired of searching for a job and most of all of the uncertainty of the situation. I hated not knowing how much longer it would be. I had been so sure that I would find a job again quickly – if not before the honeymoon at least soon after we returned.

Yes, I was getting interviews, which was fantastic, but in the end, it means nothing if the interviews don’t lead to a job offer. And then one did.

I am so happy to share that my job search was finally successful. It took longer than I had hoped – but I think the wait may have been worth it. It’s an excellent step up in terms of career and the conditions are a lot better than at my last job. I finally feel like I am not compromising on anything.

Well, maybe one thing: the commute is a lot further (30 miles) and I will be driving instead of taking the bus, but the good thing is that I will probably not be spending more time on commuting than I would if I commuted to the city centre on the bus. Our new car is also extremely economical, ideal for commuting. So not much of a compromise.

So I will be starting working again soon – exactly four months after I left my last job – and I can’t wait.

This past weekend, N. was off work on Friday and Monday for Easter. We didn’t do anything special but it was nice to have a long weekend off together. On Sunday was my third anniversary of living in the UK. I am so glad that even though my fourth year started with me still being unemployed, I now know that this will change very, very soon. My situation of being without a job is so much easier to handle knowing that it will change so soon.


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