What a tumultuous end to 2015

The past month brought some wonderful times and some unexpected changes:

I unexpectedly lost my job two weeks before Christmas. As you can imagine, over Christmas is not the best time to be looking for a job and the timing could certainly be better with our upcoming honeymoon, but I am positive that this month will bring me a new, better job for 2016.

Some good news is I finally got my passport in my married name! On the day I applied for it, they had told me that it would not arrive before the new year as they weren’t expecting any more deliveries in December after the 9th (ridiculous, in the 21st century!), which left me so. stressed. out. But then a few days later they emailed me saying they were expecting another delivery on the 23rd after all. So that day I emailed the German consulate to find out whether they’d received it and thankfully they emailed me back saying my passport had arrived – which meant we could pay for the remaining balance and have the flights ticketed without having to worry about my passport for the next couple of weeks. I picked it up as soon as we were back in Edinburgh from Germany so now we are all set for our honeymoon.

We spent a week in Germany during the Christmas break. We flew out on Boxing Day and came back on New Year’s Day. Having a whole week back home was great as it made our stay there a lot more relaxing than usual. We managed to spend some time with my family and friends while also having some time to ourselves just to walk around the city. I got a few opportunities to test my new camera (a joint present from my husband and MIL), which I had been wanting to get for our honeymoon. It’s a Panasonic Lumix TZ-70, a travel zoom camera, much smaller and easier to carry than my DSLR.

We also spent New Year’s Eve with my closest friends who had also been at our wedding. It was so nice to spend the evening with them, as it had been a few years since we spent NYE together. We had raclette and went out to watch the fireworks at midnight. Turns out N. thought the fireworks in Germany are a little crazy – which I suppose they are if you’re not used to them. :) Around 2am we went back to my parents’ house by public transport – somewhat eerie with the on-going terror warning we had in Munich but thankfully nothing happened that night in my hometown and we all made it home safely.

We were a little worried about leaving our kittens on their own for a whole week but we had two reliable people looking after them, a cat sitter and a friend of N’s. We also saw them on Facetime the third day we were in Munich thanks to my MIL and seeing how they were just their normal happy & playful selves allowed us to stop worrying about them. They seemed so happy when we were back too and were extra cuddly which was lovely, as you never know how a cat might take you going away for a holiday. It was also great practice for our honeymoon as we will be away for a bit longer then.

Munich was really lovely, and it was sunny for almost the entire time we were there which was amazing. Edinburgh had been cloudy and rainy for what felt like months, so the sunshine was amazing. It was cold but not too cold, and the cold, crisp air was so nice compared to the windy, wet cold we get in Scotland for much of the winter.

As you can imagine, I am super thrilled to escape the Scottish winter for another 2 1/2 weeks very soon. ;)

I am hoping to find a new job soon. I was so desperately looking forward to having two weeks off over Christmas but while I don’t miss my job much, not having to work over the past 4 weeks hasn’t been as enjoyable as you might think. Not having a job and the financial security it brings is stressful, especially when you don’t know how long that situation will last. I hope to find something soon, even if it is for after we are back from our honeymoon, so I can relax a little.


3 thoughts on “What a tumultuous end to 2015

  1. Viv, I had no idea you lost your job. I am very sorry and I hope something new and more exciting will come along soon. But until then, enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest!

  2. I am sorry that you were let go, but that can only mean that something bigger and better is around the corner. Enjoy your honeymoon. Something will come up when you get back.

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