How we became a family of four

On the 19th of September, we decided to pay a local cat rescue a visit, as we (well, mainly I) had been wanting to adopt a cat from there for a while, but we wanted to wait until after our wedding as we knew it would be a busy time with lots of visitors. While I was keen to adopt a cat soon, I didn’t really intend for us to get one that weekend, and N. would have been happy to wait until after our honeymoon(in February) to get a cat.

Once we got there, we filled out their form, so they could get an idea of what kind of cat would be best suited for us, being that we both work and the cat would be on its own for a long time 3+ days a week. We were told that we could only adopt a cat that was 2+ years old as they didn’t rehome younger cats to homes where they would be on their own for so long. For us, it was also important that the cat would get along with children, as we are planning to have children at some point.

The lady showed us around the pens, showing us all the cats currently in their care. The first two cats we saw were two sisters, 8 months old, and super cute. They had only been in the shelter for 9 days and had just been neutered 2 days before we saw them. The lady asked us whether we would also consider taking two cats because then we would be able to adopt younger cats after all. We told her we had originally considered it, so it was a possibility, although we hadn’t planned to. We spent a couple of minutes with the cats, and then were shown around the other cats there, but most of the cats were either older or not child-friendly or generally difficult (which we didn’t want, being that we had no prior experience with owning cats of our own).

In the end, we went back to the two kittens we first saw, I think we both already had our hearts set on them a little. We decided right then and there that we would adopt them and pick them up the next day as we had to buy litter boxes, food bowls, litter, cat food, toys etc first. Remember, we weren’t actually expecting to adopt a cat (let alone two!) that weekend. We spent a little longer in the pen with them, and then went back into the office to get some advice on what type of litter and food to get them.

From the rescue, we went straight to Pets at Home and bought all the basics for our new four-legged family members.


The next day, we went back to the rescue, with a pet carrier we borrowed from a friend, to pick up our kittens. My MIL drove us so I would be able to sit in the back with the cats on the way back as it was about a 30 minute drive home. The drive home was absolutely terrifying for our cats. One was actually just quietly sitting in the cat carrier, but one was crying almost all the way home and tried to get her paw through the door. Poor thing! They had been through a lot in the previous two weeks.

IMG_9141 IMG_9144

Once we got home, we set them down in their room (our family room) and opened the door to the cat carrier, not knowing whether they’d just hide and stay in there for the next few hours or come out straight away. Well, they decided to explore their new home straight away and discover all the new space it offered.

Meet Willow.


Meet Jess.


They’ve only been with us for two months but I couldn’t imagine not having them in our lives.


To be continued …


2 thoughts on “How we became a family of four

  1. Oh, they’re so pretty!! How did they settle in at your house? I also have a cat since about a month or so, she was terrified for the first day, but quite soon got used to us and now she is a very sociable and nice playful cat. She’s 8 months now and I also can’t imagine not having her!

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