Wannabe planner

For years I used to use paper planners – I loved Paperblanks and Moleskine diaries – but then I got an iPhone and eventually stopped using paper planners completely. I have everything organised in my calendar app, with different calendars to colour-code different types of events. N. & I also have a shared calendar where we enter appointments that concern both of us.

And for the most part, this works really well for me. Except, sometimes I really miss the tangibility of paper planners and the ability to look back through them to see what I did, that’s just not quite the same with the iPhone calendar app. I have seen how many of you use personalised planners, not just to keep track of appointments, but also to keep a journal or scrapbook of your day, and I love the idea of doing that – of having this beautiful planner to document your life.

Except, all those gorgeous personalised planners come from the US and cost a fortune once you add shipping (and potentially 20% VAT) to the UK. Add to this that I stopped using diaries a few weeks into the year the last time(s) I tried them, and I am really wondering whether I should be spending £40+ on a planner.

I have looked at the Erin Condren Life Planners, Inkwell Livewell Planners (already sold out for 2016) and Plum Paper Planners – they’re all beautiful but oh-so-expensive.

I have also tried to find a cheaper alternative, maybe one that is made in the UK, or even a non-personalised one that you can just buy online or in a book shop. The only one I could find that comes close is the Organised Mum Life Book which is a lot cheaper at £15, but, it can’t be personalised. Now I’m not a mum, but based on the Amazon reviews, it seems to be quite popular with non-mums as well.

It seems that Erin Condren is the most popular planner around, it looks beautiful, but is also the most expensive at $50 ($40 with a $10 off code I got) plus $20 shipping to the UK (totalling £46 or just under £40 with the discount). It is very established, the planner seems to be durable, with a very finished, professional design, and lots of optional extras you can order like stickers etc.

I won’t go into detail on the Inkwell planner, as it is sold out for 2016 so not an option for me.

The Plum Paper planner is similar to the Erin Condren one, but more customisable with pages you can optionally add to the planner. I’ve gone through the customisation process and once I have added all the pages I would like, the planner is very similar in cost to the EC one. I really like the idea of being able to add pages to the planner but based on what I’ve seen, I think I’d prefer the design of the EC planner.

For now, I am really undecided on what to do – I would love to have a beautiful, personalised planner, but I am not sure whether I can justify spending this much on one.

Do you use a planner like the Erin Condren Life Planner or Plum Paper Planner? Which one is your favourite and how do you use yours? Is it worth it?


3 thoughts on “Wannabe planner

  1. Well, you know I am a planner girl… I used ECLP for three years and then last year switched to the Inkwell Press Planner (and I simply LOVE IT!!). I know, $50 is a lot (especially when you add shipping on top of that), but my opinion is: it’s absolutely worth the <$5 per month if you really use it (and have it as a journal/scrapbook to look back through your year!).
    I understand that shipping from the US to the UK is very expensive – have you checked out the yumie planner (I think on Dawanda.de)? Maybe that would be an alternative and cheaper to get from Germany?

  2. I have gone completely digital when it comes to planners because it’s just so much easier to carry around a phone than a large planner that wouldn’t even fit in my purse (my purse is somewhat small). Every single time I would purchase a planner, I tend to abandon it after just a couple weeks. It is just so much easier to customize/change/update a digital planner–especially during busy times. Personally, I use Google Calendar and love it!

  3. I’ve been using the “Leuchtturm1917” planners for a couple of years now, because they offer a very small version of a paper planner that fits into my purse. Mine is the size of a postcard, but they also offer larger versions. Besides the size I also like the general layout which is very plain and makes up for it not being customizable – ecxept for having your name engraved on the cover.
    Over the years I considered switching to a Erin Condren “Life Planner” or an Emily Ley “Simplified Planner”, but the size of these planners plus their prize has just kept me from buying. Have you decided on a planner yet?

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