It would have been too perfect

One of the most important things about planning our wedding was getting an amazing photographer to capture our special day. In the initial planning stages, before both our parents offered to contribute, I was expecting to have a very small budget for a photographer. Luckily my MIL then offered to pay for the photographer and essentially left us free reign regarding the budget. This allowed us to book a wedding photographer whom I started following on Facebook long before we were even engaged.

We had our engagement pictures taken on my birthday in June – they turned out amazing – and three weeks after the wedding we got a preview of our wedding pictures – which were fantastic too. I thought all was well until I received a call from our wedding photographer one Friday evening a few weeks ago (just a couple of days after my last post). She said she was about to send over the link to our gallery, but that she had to tell us something. She used two cameras throughout our wedding day and the storage card in one was faulty – so we lost all of the pictures off that card.

I know, what a nightmare! She made it sound like it was mainly just one set of images, but when we looked at the gallery, it became clear that there were quite a few more missing completely. Now, don’t get me wrong, we do have a full set of wedding pictures, as I think she must have taken pictures of most moments with both cameras, but there are some important moments she only took pictures of with second camera (the one we lost all the pictures from), and those are gone.

There were pictures she took of my parents and me at the hotel before the ceremony which were all lost, there is no picture of N.’s aunt doing her reading, no picture of our first kiss as husband and wife (although luckily we have a fairly decent guest picture of that), some of our portraits were lost, our cake cutting pictures are gone, and last but not least, we did a confetti shot which we also lost all of the pictures of. Because this was the only group picture we took with everyone together, we don’t have any picture that includes us with all of our guests.

Gutted doesn’t quite cover it. I am so devastated that this has happened, these pictures were irreplaceable and invaluable, and they’re just gone. There is nothing we can to do to get them back. The photographer offered us a free album to make up for it, and while that is nice, and we are certainly taking her up on it, nothing can really, truly make up for us not having these pictures.

Luckily the pictures we do have are amazing, and if you didn’t know it, you might not realise there were any missing. We were also so lucky that a wedding photographer on a wedding forum I post on offered to create a group picture from the pictures we did have. We do have many group shots of, e.g. my family, N.’s family, we just didn’t have one of all of us together. And this kind photographer offered to create a picture of all of us for me, for free. How lovely is that? He sent me the picture a few days ago and it is really good. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t realise the picture wasn’t actually taken like that.

I have really struggled with accepting that some of our wedding pictures have been lost. I cannot believe that this happened to us of all people. The photographer said this had never happened to her! And the photography for our wedding was so important to me! It’s just really flippin’ unfair!

I realise that I have to accept this. It’s what happened, and we can’t change it. I know I should focus on all the (over 300) beautiful pictures we do have. And that the main thing is that N. and I are married and that we love each other. It’s just really hard sometimes.

To end this post on a positive note, here are some more of our pictures. Our photographer really managed to capture some wonderful moments.







And this is the group picture that the very nice & kind photographer created for us. I am so grateful he did this for a complete stranger he only knew off an internet forum.



One thought on “It would have been too perfect

  1. This is so sad. There are zero photos of the first 5 weeks of my life, my Mom took a few rolls of film and the developer lost them. All of them. My grandparents have a Polaroid snapshot of my twin and I in an incubator (we were pretty tiny) covered in wires and tubes, but that’s it. My Mom still talks about it and mourns those newborn pics.


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