Married with cats

After a long break from blogging, I decided that I’m not quite ready to give it up just yet. I haven’t written anything on this blog in nearly five months and to be honest, I didn’t miss it that much. But I did miss it a little bit, which is why you are reading this now.

A lot of things have happened since my last blog post, the most important of course being that N. and I got married in August. After much planning and some last-minute family drama, our special day came on the 24th August and it was amazing.

Our wedding ceremony

The weather forecast had predicted rain for our wedding day throughout the entire week leading up to it and we were expecting our outdoor wedding to have to be moved to be help indoors, but then we woke up on the day and it was the most beautiful summer day. It was sunny, warm and not windy (this deserves to be mentioned when you’re in Scotland).


Our wedding venue was perfect, the gardens were absolutely beautiful, and the staff were brilliant too. It made our wedding feel so special. We only had 10 guests and that was just right. We enjoyed ourselves without being overwhelmed by a big wedding party which just wouldn’t have been us. Our wedding was small but oh so special. Just right.


We went to the beach for some pictures and the pictures we took there are probably my favourite pictures of the day (of those that I have seen so far).


We have been married six weeks now and I am loving being married to my love. My new last name took a little getting used to and it will probably be a while before I stop signing for parcels with my maiden name but oh, how I love being Mrs C.


A couple of weeks after our wedding, we booked our honeymoon, an incredibly generous wedding gift from my MIL – in February we’ll be going to Hawaii with a stop in San Francisco on the way there and a stop in New York City on the way back. I can’t wait!

And then, a couple of weeks ago, we adopted two cats from the shelter. We didn’t really mean to get them so soon, so it was a bit of a spontaneous decision, but we went there to fill in their form and have a look around and then, we met the cutest sister kittens. Willow and Jess are 8 months old so while they’re still kittens they are a little older already which is actually perfect for us. They are sweet and full of mischief and so lovable. They are an absolute joy and even N, who is a dog person, loves them. They have settled in so well and seem very happy in their new, forever home.


Since the wedding, life has calmed down a little and I am really enjoying it. At times, things got a little stressful before the wedding. I actually get excited when I realise I don’t have anything planned for the weekend. (Although on one of those weekends with no plans, we ended up adopting two cats.)

So, that’s an update on the most important things my life has brought in the past 5 months. Not everything has been so wonderful – without going into details, work has been really challenging over the past months and I am not sure how to handle it – but I try to focus on the good things. I have a husband I love who loves me, we live in a beautiful house in a fantastic part of Scotland and we recently welcomed two sweet kittens to our little family. We are so lucky.


3 thoughts on “Married with cats

  1. Life’s been good :) Congratulations again on your wedding and the new additions to the family. I hope you keep blogging… so many people have stopped over the years and it’s sad to not be ” in the loop” on their lives anymore.

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