Two years

A few days ago was my two-year UK-iversary. I moved to Edinburgh on the 27th March, 2013. While year one was pretty good, year two was even better!

It was especially the second half of my second year here, that brought with it so many great changes: I got a new job in September, we bought a house in December and we got engaged in January! I am so happy that we managed to achieve all this over the past year seven months and that we managed to make some progress with our plans for our life together.

My third year in the UK will see us getting married and then we are hoping for life to settle down a bit, because goodness, our life has been busy lately.

I want to keep practicing my driving (although I want to take a few more lessons) and hopefully this will allow us to go away for (long) weekends every now and then. Scotland has so much to offer and it will be so much easier to visit places once we can drive.

I also want to finally focus on my health again. I know that I said that last year – unfortunately I haven’t done that as much as I would have wanted to. While I managed to lose some weight, I put back on some of it, and have not really made any progress for a few months now. With our upcoming wedding, I want to shed a few pounds, not to mention that in the long term, getting down to a healthier weight will be important for eventually starting a family, as I have PCOS.

By the way, I realised a couple of weeks ago, that we are getting married three years to the day after I started this blog. I wrote my first blog post about my plans to move to the UK on the 24th August 2012 and we are getting married on the 24th August 2015. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Two years

  1. How fantastic to live in Scotland!!! I’d love to see more of Scotland. I’ve lived in Ireland and been around there a lot, but have seen very little of Scotland (only Glasgow). Now that I’ve also become a whisky geek, I definitely should try to visit Scotland more.
    Good luck with the weight loss! And with the driver’s license, and the wedding too, of course.

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