Waiting for spring

Evening light

We spent a few days in Germany last week and had our first taste of spring. Especially one of the days we were there was particularly warm and sunny. Here in Scotland, while it has definitely gotten brighter, I am still waiting for the first truly warm day. Tomorrow’s forecast even says some sleet showers for our town (though strangely not for Edinburgh, we will see). This past weekend we moved the clock forward for spring and it is so nice to have that extra daylight in the evening. (By the way, I took the picture in this post on my commute home last Thursday, another one of those stunning scenes when you least expect it – as it was just the bus stopped at a red light.)

Germany was great. I really enjoyed seeing my friends at my friend’s wedding party and we managed to see everyone we had planned to see and spend some time with my family and friends. It was quite busy, though. It’s always tough, I know our visits will be busy but at the same time, I want to see everyone. It is hard to find a balance. We usually end up having very little time to do things just as a couple, and there are a few day trips we would like to go on some time, but they haven’t happened yet. We came back to the UK on Wednesday, and had to go back to work on Thursday. Luckily for me that was my only work day last week, as I really needed some time to relax after our short trip to Germany.

The wedding planning has calmed down a bit for the moment. I have been doing a few small things here and there, but the main things are booked now. I had my wedding dress dry-cleaned and made the appointment for having my fitting in July and for giving notice at the registrar’s office in May. N.’s aunt is currently making some samples for our invites and I can’t wait to see them. On Friday we have an appointment with a florist, which I am looking forward to, as I am hoping for some help & inspiration, and next week we are meeting with our (humanist) celebrant. Living in Scotland is kind of awesome for planning a wedding as the laws are so much more flexible here compared to Germany or even the rest of the UK! As much as I enjoy planning our wedding, it got a little busy there for a few weeks, so it’s nice to get a little break from it all (it may not sound like it, but I am spending much less time on wedding-related things than I did before).


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