Wedding planning

If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably already getting tired of my wedding related pictures. We have been engaged for a little over five weeks now and are already in the middle of planning our wedding.

Our plans and ideas have evolved a little over the past few months. We have been talking about getting married for a while, but originally we were considering just eloping somewhere beautiful, just the two of us. Neither of us is keen on having a big wedding, it all sounds rather stressful to us. For us, our wedding is mainly for us and celebrating our love for each other.

We were also considering having a small wedding with our parents, and since then, we have decided on having a few more guests: mainly very close family and some of my closest friends that we wanted to share our wedding day with. I think it will be a lovely, intimate wedding with the people that are the most important to us and that is what matters, right?

We will be getting married on 24th August 2015.

My parents booked their visit for this August a few months ago already, so we decided to have the wedding during the time that they are already here.

After we got engaged we started looking at venues immediately. I knew that planning a wedding within six months might be difficult but luckily, so far we have not had any problems with availability as our wedding will be on a Monday. We looked at a few venues both in Edinburgh and in East Lothian. All of them were beautiful in their way and it was quite difficult to decide but one venue was just that little bit more special for both of us. It just felt more like us.

We decided on Greywalls in Gullane. It’s a beautiful country house in a nearby village close to the sea with the most stunning gardens. We are planning to have the ceremony in the garden, with a backup plan to have it indoors if it rains.

I have also found my wedding dress. I had a quite small budget for my wedding dress and managed to find a sample in my size in a nearby bridal shop which is absolutely stunning and fit me perfectly. It came in under my budget and I was so pleased. I never expected to find a wedding dress as exquisite as this with my budget. I am absolutely in love with my dress!

Since I found my dress, I also started looking at wedding shoes & jewellery and found some wonderful shoes and jewellery that complement the dress beautifully.

I have also reached out to a humanist celebrant (although we haven’t decided yet whether we will have a humanist or a civil ceremony), a couple of photographers and will be meeting up with my favourite in a couple of weeks. We have another appointment with the venue next weekend as well, and then I have an appointment with a local florist to discuss flowers. Two of N.’s aunts will be making our invitations and wedding cake.

As you can see it’s been pretty busy around here, although I have mostly enjoyed planning the wedding and not found it too stressful. I have to say, having three-day weekend really helps with that as it allows me more flexibility when meeting up with vendors.

I am so pleased we have already achieved so much and that we have our wedding date, the venue and my dress. There are still a few big items to check off the list but I am quite confident that they will done soon enough. At this point I am quite relaxed about managing to get everything done in time. I wouldn’t say planning our wedding has been a breeze but at the same time, it kind of has been.

If you are already married, did you enjoy planning your wedding?


8 thoughts on “Wedding planning

  1. That venue looks amazing, and yay for the sample dress! Planning our wedding became very stressful due to a conflict with the caterers, and in the end the venue fell through 6 weeks before our wedding as a result…

      • We had a meeting with a man who owns several party venues in the city we wanted to get married in. He gave us a lot of advice, and as he couldn’t really offer us what we were looking for he suggested we go and ask at the old coach house (beautiful old venue next to the old fort in the centre of the city). They only had one day available in the next 2 months which happened to be our wedding day. And all the advice the man we first spoke to saved us a lot of money and we came in under budget too. We were really happy with the way it worked out in the end, but it was incredibly stressful.

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nomal!
    Ich heirate Ende April in Aberdeen und mache es ganz genau so – eine kleine Hochzeit mit enger Familie und Freunden. Und 6 Monate sind wirklich genug Zeit, man darf nur nicht rumtrödeln und mus einfach Entscheidungen treffen. :)

    Brauchst du auch ein Ehefähigkeitszeugnis oder wohnst du schon länger als 2 Jahre hier in Schottland?

    LG Amelie

    • Danke! Euch auch herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Gute für eure Hochzeit. Das ist bei euch ja nicht mehr lange hin. Bei mir sind es Ende diesen Monats 2 Jahre, daher brauche ich das Ehefähigkeitszeugnis (zum Glück) nicht. Je weniger Papierkram desto besser. :)

  3. I am fascinated to hear about wedding planning for other people; my state has made wedding planning in 3-5 months an industry and very few people are engaged longer than that. I eloped and then several months later planned a fake-out ceremony from start to finish in about 3 weeks, and for me–and for us–it was perfect. :)


    • That is so interesting that 3-5 months are the norm there. I joined a British wedding forum and it seems here it is 1-2 years with some people planning for 3 years or even longer. The lady at the jewellers where we bought our wedding rings said she’s been engaged 7 years (getting married next year). Our engagement is actually quite short for UK standards. I think it really depends on what you want for your wedding. For us a summer Saturday wedding would have probably been very difficult if not impossible to organise at this “short” notice, but as it’s a weekday we haven’t had any problems. Any shorter notice and it would have become difficult for our guests coming from Germany, as the Edinburgh festival will be on at the time of our wedding which means hotels and flights are much more expensive than usual.

  4. August 24th is mine and my husband’s anniversary as well! It is a lovely date. We picked the date at the time out of convenience (long story) but it wasn’t ideal at the time since we lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and Arizona is horribly hot and humid in August. But everywhere else we have lived or been for our anniversary has been so lovely in August. We also had a small intimate wedding and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Congrats!

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