A new year

I can’t believe it is already the end of January! The holidays were lovely, mostly quiet and relaxing which was just what we needed after the busy time we had with buying our house and moving just before Christmas. It was fantastic to be off work for over two weeks, and much needed for both of us!

We have now been living in our house for over a month, and we still love it. We have started noticing some little things that need fixing or aren’t quite right, but nothing major or urgent. We were really quite lucky that the house was in such a good shape when we bought it. It made it so much easier for us to get everything to look cozy and like our home in time for Christmas.

Just before Christmas, I got an email from a friend in Munich inviting us to her wedding in March. Both N. and I managed to get some time off work and we found affordable flights, so we will be back in Munich for a few days in March. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. It was so nice to spend some time there in October, to see my family and friends and I am really happy we are going back so soon.

In the past couple of months, we have been doing regular games nights with N.’s mum and some mutual friends, and it has been really fun being a little more social. I have not really found any friends here since moving to Edinburgh nearly two years ago, that is, no one I regularly hang out with. My friend J. who I know from uni still lives here and we hang out sometimes, but other than that, I don’t have any friends my age. It’s so difficult to make friends when you’re no longer in uni. While I am really happy and am perfectly happy just hanging out with N., every now and then, I really miss having a girl friend to meet up with, go shopping with etc.

How / where do you make new friends?


11 thoughts on “A new year

  1. As I have a horse I meet new People at the stables or at Shows. But mostly my friends – or any new friends that I got during the past years – came through the stable. I mean, that’s where I (we) spend our time after work nearly every day.
    Other than that, I really don’t know where I would be able to make new friends. Sad, isn’t it? But like you said, as a grown up, not in Uni anymore it really is difficult.

    • Thanks for your comment! That is really lucky that you have a hobby that allows you to meet new people so easily. I think it’s just difficult once you are out of uni and just working. I imagine it will be a little easier once I have kids, as I bet you’d meet other parents through baby play groups, and then school etc. But can I wait that long? Hah.

  2. Story of my life! I have lived in Sacramento for such a long time now and still don’t really have any real friends here. I got close to a couple of girls (one I met through a meetup group, the other was my old neighbor), but they eventually moved away and I was back to square one … I really don’t have any advice other than to put yourself in situations where you actually meet strangers (sports club, sign up for a class, etc.) I won’t promise success because I haven’t been that successful with that either, but that’s the only option I think.

    • That is probably the best thing to do, you are right. Easier said than done, though, as I am a bit of a homebody and love spending evenings relaxing at home with N.
      Such a shame that your friends moved away. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I was really lucky here with my friends as I just got introduced to a big group and then met more and more people through fiends.
    I’ve heard good things of meetup. Do you have that in Scottland? Hopefully now with your shorter commute and spring around the corner you’ll have a chance to meet some people.
    Yay Munich!

    • That is lucky indeed! I actually signed up for Meetup when I moved here but have never gone to a meetup. (I know, that defeats the purpose.) I told myself that I would finally go to a meetup now that I no longer have such a long commute but I still haven’t been. I should probably just make myself go to one, huh?

  4. It’s so hard to connect with others once you reach a certain age or stage of life. I don’t really have a lot of friends around here any more, most of them moved away at some point or our paths just lead us in different directions.
    I am sure if you put yourself out there, you will find someone who fits to you.
    Yay for your upcoming trip to Munich, I bet you guys are excited about it! Happy Sunday xxx

    • Thanks for your comment. Yeah, it is difficult, I also think when you’re younger you tend to have more spare time. Since I finished uni, I find that I prefer relaxed evenings at home to going out and meeting new people is even more stressful, and it seems people are so much more busy, so it is harder to make (spontaneous) plans.

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