All moved in

Last Friday was the big day! Around 9:30 AM we got a call from our solicitor saying we could pick up the keys. The sellers would actually not be out of the house until 1 PM but as the solicitors’ office were having their Christmas do, we needed to pick up the keys then. N.’s mum and I went to pick up the keys and then it was waiting until 1 PM.

We had been up late on Thursday to finish packing so everything was ready to go. At 1 PM we went over to the house with a van & a car filled with our stuff. Goodness, we have a lot of things! You never really realize just how much until you move.

The sellers had just finished loading up everything and handed us the keys. Off they were, and we started unloading our stuff. We were able to use a van from N.’s company, and with the help of some of his co-workers, everything was moved in by 4:30 PM. It went really well and having their help was brilliant, as they really knew what they were doing (they move heavy machinery for a living). It really couldn’t have gone any better, we all absolutely nailed it.

We made some good progress unpacking the most important things over the weekend and decorating for Christmas. We still have a lot of things that need unpacking, but we managed to sort out the kitchen (and clean the fridge & stove which the sellers hadn’t done!), living room and bedroom. As we have two spare bedrooms and a spare family room, we were able to put “away” all the moving boxes until we have time to unpack them. Our house already feels very cosy and I absolutely love our new home!


(Our new kitchen is so much bigger than our previous kitchen. And we have a dishwasher! Yes!)


(Love love love the stairs and landing, especially with the lights on them.)

Living Room

(That is not our dog in the picture, we have been dogsitting for N.’s mum a lot this past week and since we now have our own house, they can just come over, instead of us having to stay at her house.)

On Monday, we had to go back to work – how amazing it would have been to have started our Christmas break with our move, but nope. We both worked for the past four days, and now we are off work for a little over two weeks. Hopefully we will be able to finish unpacking everything during the break and get some time for relaxing as well.

Tomorrow our new bed gets delivered, I am so excited!

The past few weeks have been very stressful, but it has all been worth it. We viewed the house for the first time just 7 weeks ago and now we live in it. It’s a little crazy how quickly things like this move here (44 days from first viewing to getting the keys & moving in) and it was a stressful 7 weeks but at the same time, it is good to get it over with, and everything went absolutely perfectly. Now we can focus on making our new home as cosy and comfortable as possible and enjoy Christmas in our new home in just one week! I can’t wait!

Christmas Tree

(Yup, our Christmas tree went up the day after we moved in.)


7 thoughts on “All moved in

  1. This is so terribly exciting!!! We’ve just started our house-hunting process (ok, we’re about halfway through, I suppose, offer is in, waiting on all the paperwork and contracts and such to move through The System) and I can relate with just wanting to be moved in and settled and comfortable. And also, to have a dishwasher (for the first time in almost 15 years).

    Yay for new beginnings! Merry Christmas to you and N!


  2. Toll, dass alles so gut geklappt hat. :)
    Und schöne Fotos, ihr habt es euch ja echt schnell wohnlich gemacht – da würde ich mich auch wohl fühlen. :)

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