Nearly there – the house is almost ours

Since my last blog post, things have continued to progress quickly.
Let’s do a quick not so quick recap:

Monday 27/10: We see the house online while visiting family and friends in Munich
Tuesday 28/10: We get in touch with the seller’s agent
Wednesday 29/10: We get an appointment to view the house that evening after getting back to Edinburgh from Munich that afternoon
Thursday 30/10: N. sees a local solicitor while I am at work and we make an offer on the house
Friday 31/10: We come to an agreement with the seller while on our way to Blackpool for the weekend, and make an appointment to see a mortgage advisor on Monday
Monday 3/11: We have an appointment with our mortgage advisor to get advice on what kind of rates would be available to us
Tuesday 4/11: We inform the mortgage advisor of our chosen lender and mortgage product and he puts in the mortgage application for us
Monday 10/11: We hear back from the mortgage advisor that the bank will send us a mortgage offer in the post
Tuesday 11/11: We receive said mortgage offer in the post and have an appointment regarding mortgage life & critical illness cover with our mortgage advisor
Thursday 13/11: Our solicitor informs us that everything is ready for us to sign the missives, we make an appointment for 21/11. We suggest an earlier date of entry which the sellers originally requested but we weren’t sure we could meet, so we had settled on the 19/12.
Monday 17/11: We hear back from the solicitor regarding the DOE which will now be 12/12!

So that’s where we are now. On Friday we sign the missives, the equivalent of a purchase contract in Scotland. Once we and the sellers have signed the missives, they are legally bound to sell and we are legally bound to buy the house (even if it burns down).

Before then, we still have to sort out insurance both for the house and ourselves, but once Friday comes, and we’ve signed, this is definitely going to happen. For the past few weeks we have been trying not to get too excited in case it doesn’t happen but we are on the home stretch now and I am so thrilled! We are going to get the keys to our new house in just 25 days, just in time for spending Christmas in our own home! N. and I cannot wait to start this new chapter of our life together.

When I think back six months, I cannot believe how much has happened since then. I got a new job which has made an incredible difference to my quality of life and work-life balance. Weekends almost feel like a mini holiday and I don’t mind my commute at all – it gives me some time to just be by myself, relax, listen to music and start or end the work day.

And now the house – wow! If you had asked me even a month ago, I never would have thought we’d be homeowners before the end of the year. I was really hoping it would happen by the end of next year, but this year? No way!

On a less positive note, after our flight to Munich my BPPV returned. Google tells me that it is very unlikely that it can be triggered by a flight, but that’s my current theory anyway. When I had it before, it started right after we returned from Munich last year, although I also had a cold at the time which can be a trigger. But this year, I didn’t have a cold, I have been perfectly fine, all I can think of is the flight, and how maybe the change in air pressure on board may have affected it.

I called for an appointment with an audiologist almost immediately. We landed on Friday, and I called them on Monday, while we were still in Germany. After nearly three weeks of waiting for my appointment to come through the post, I called again last week (when they were having system issues) and again today. After spending 45 minutes on hold, I did finally get an appointment for – drumroll – tomorrow. I really hope the Epley maneuvre works as well as it did last time, and that it doesn’t return again in a few months. For some reason I didn’t expect to even have to deal with it for long this time around because I didn’t have to go through my GP this time, but it’s been nearly a month and while you do get used to it, it is incredibly frustrating when you know a five minute procedure will most likely fix it, and it’s just the NHS being slow.

When I called, I emphasised that I would be moving house in three weeks and that getting random dizzy spells could be unsafe when carrying heavy boxes down the stairs. I am so relieved that I managed to get an appointment at such short notice. Let’s hope the treatment works so I don’t have to worry about vertigo while packing for our move. While I mostly get dizzy from laying down, sitting up and turning over in bed, I also get vertigo from looking up and that is really inconvenient for trying to get things out of wardrobes and cupboards.

Between BPPV and my hearing loss, I must have ended up with the ears of someone 20 years older than my age!

But that aside, this year has turned out so completely brilliant so me and for us as a couple, I really can’t complain!


7 thoughts on “Nearly there – the house is almost ours

    • Thanks! I know, right? I didn’t expect this to go so quickly, but I am very glad it isn’t something that will drag out and out. Can’t wait to move in :)

  1. Awesome news on the house! How is commute going to be from there? I had vertigo for a while and it flipping sucked balls. The dr suggested epley as well, which you can do on your own with nick there to assist. For me what finally helped me (Eply, ENT, MRIs didn’t do or show anything) was trigger points massage. I guess I’d done something crazy to my neck muscles and they’d irritate the crap out of my ears. Might be worth a try for you, too

    • The commute is not going to be too different. It’s either a 10 minute walk to the same bus stop as now (instead of a 5 minute walk), or a 2 minute walk to a bus stop that is 5 minutes away from my current bus stop (making the travel time 5 minutes longer, but the walk 3 minutes shorter). Since I only commute 3 days a week anyway, it’s really not going to have much of an effect.

  2. What a great finish of what sounds like an incredible year for you! Being homeowners is amazing. You will making your new house your home. Keep us updated with pictures! :)

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