A crazy busy week

Last week, we spent three days in Munich, one day in Edinburgh and three days in Blackpool, and somehow between that, we also found, viewed and made an offer on a house.

Yep, you read that right. But let me start at the beginning.

We flew to Munich on Friday a week ago and spent five days in my hometown. We saw my family, my friends and spent some time out and about in Munich. I don’t really miss Munich that much when I am here, but spending some time there really made me realise how much I do miss it. We managed to spend some time with everyone – and everyone had time to see us – but five days is really not enough to do everyone justice and at times it became a little stressful.

We also talked to my parents about buying a house. I had planned to ask them whether they might be able to help us out a little with our deposit and they surprised me with their generosity. We now found us in a situation where we could buy a house without the Help to Buy scheme, which also opened up the “used” house market to us.

On Monday night, just before going to bed we had a look at the ESPC website and found a house that looked beautiful and ticked all the boxes. It was just five minutes from where we currently live. The house had just been put on the market that day. On Tuesday morning we called the agent and they managed to get us a viewing for Wednesday night right after we came back to Edinburgh.

We enjoyed the remainder of our time in Munich and flew back to Edinburgh on Wednesday afternoon. We landed in Edinburgh at 3:30 PM and had an appointment to view the house at 5:30 PM. We really loved it! There were some things we weren’t 100% sold on based on the pictures but that turned out to look much better in person. There were some great extras we weren’t expecting, such as the dishwasher that would stay and towel warmers etc. All in all this house is everything we were looking for. The newbuild we had had our eyes on before actually loses out to this house in terms of size, price AND location. The house was built 7 years ago but it’s in an absolute pristine state.

We knew we had to move quickly if we wanted to secure the house seeing as others would probably like the house just as much as we did. After we got home we called the bank to update and renew our agreement in principle for the mortgage. On Thursday, while I was at work, N. went to see a local solicitor and we made an offer. N. was a real trooper running errands all day while I was stuck at work. By Friday morning, as we were driving down to Blackpool, we had come to an agreement with the seller regarding price and date of entry.

We spent the weekend in Blackpool / St Anne’s, N.’s hometown. It was my first time visiting there, so we did all the touristy things such as go up the Blackpool Tower, walk along the Promenade, and see the illuminations at night. On Saturday, we spent some time St Anne’s (so beautiful!) where N. used to live and visited all his old stomping grounds. Saturday night we went to N.’s cousin’s wedding and Sunday we drove back up to Edinburgh. Phew, I get put of breath just writing about this.

So this is us back home. Tonight, after work, we have an appointment with a mortgage advisor to get our mortgage sorted and once we have that, the house will definitely happen.

So fingers crossed that everything goes well, and we might be homeowners by Christmas.


11 thoughts on “A crazy busy week

    • Well, not quite yet, we still have to wait for the bank to approve our mortgage. But assuming that happens, we got it. I can’t wait for that either! Thanks. :)

    • We had been looking at buying a house for a while, but we didn’t expect it to happen so soon. We were originally looking to buy in the next 6-12 months, but when we saw this house, we knew we had to make a move. Hah. It basically ticks all the boxes and not a lot of houses that are on the market do and are still affordable for us.

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