Visiting Rosslyn Chapel

While my parents were visiting last month, we visited Rosslyn Chapel with them. N. and I had been there before, for my birthday in June. This time we went, the weather was even better and I managed to get some lovely pictures.

Rosslyn Chapel was built in the mid 15th century and it is a popular tourist attraction, especially since The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown in which the chapel plays an important role.

Rosslyn Chapel

The inside of Rosslyn Chapel is absolutely stunning, full of detail, and the light is beautiful. The first time we went it was overcast so we didn’t see the light reflect on the walls in the colours of the stained glass.

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel

The outside is beautiful as well. Since the chapel had sort of been forgotten about, a lot of work was done on it which was only completed a few years ago.

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel

It was so nice to have a warm, sunny day again. August was a rather chilly month, but this weekend was absolutely glorious.

Rosslyn Chapel

N. and I at Rosslyn Chapel

It was a wonderful day. After a couple of hours at the chapel, we took the bus back into Edinburgh for the Fireworks Concert which marks the end of the Edinburgh International Festival.

It was a spontaneous decision to go so we only got tickets to enter Princes Street Gardens, but it was still beautiful. The fireworks were choreographed with the music played live by an orchestra and lasted about 45 minutes.

Fireworks Concert

Fireworks Concert

My parents are already talking about coming back here for next year’s festival (that’s how much they loved it!) and I think we will try to get tickets for seats in the Ross Theatre then.


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