The extremely awesome story of how I landed my new job

I just posted a few days ago that I got a new job. It is actually really cool how I came across it.

Remember my post from June about a job I applied for and didn’t get? In case you can’t remember, this is what I wrote:

I interviewed for a job in early June that sounded really amazing. I didn’t end up advancing to the next round but got some feedback from the company. The only reason they didn’t ask me to come back was that I was too similar in personality and skills to someone already working there. The team is pretty small so they wanted someone who is different and who would complement the others’ skills and personalities. Sucks to be me I guess! They did say I should keep in touch and encouraged me to apply again should another position open up, so that’s what I will be doing. I seem to have the worst luck with jobs here. Last year I missed out on a great opportunity because they needed someone to start a month before I could. I’m still a little disappointed about that one, and these two jobs were probably the most promising ones I have seen here. I will have to keep trying but the truth is there isn’t that much out there and I don’t really have the time to apply for any and every job.

Let’s call this company I interviewed with in June Company A. About a month ago, a few weeks after I interviewed with Company A, N. and I were laid in bed at 11:00 PM talking about buying a house. I mentioned how much of a difference it would make if I had a better (paid) job, as it would allow us to get a bigger mortgage. I had a glance on my phone and saw the name of Company A’s managing director (Director A) in an email notification. What the …?

I quickly opened the email and saw that he had forwarded me an email he received from the director of what we will call Company B. They were recruiting for a German native speaker, and he suggested that this might be a role for me and he would be happy to drop them a note if I applied for it.

Umm, how awesome is that? How often do you get a managing director of a company you didn’t get the job with to suggest another job with a different company to you a month after you interviewed with them? I was seriously blown away.

What he didn’t know was? I already knew Company B and their managing director. I had applied for a job with them before, the same role, in February last year. In fact, it is the job I mentioned in my post in June, that “great opportunity [I missed out on] because they needed someone to start a month before I could.”

So of course I replied to him that I would definitely apply for it. He dropped Director B a note and she almost immediately sent me a message on LinkedIn asking whether I’d like to apply for the job again. Yes, in fact I would!

Now I could kick myself that I missed this job ad before, because she did share it on LinkedIn a few days earlier. I simply hadn’t seen it. And of course she had no idea I was looking for a new job. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if Director A had never pointed it out to me.

Anyway, as soon as I got home that evening, I wrote that covering letter and sent off the application. I interviewed for the position a week later, and the rest is history.

I am actually really impressed with the people I have met in this industry in Edinburgh so far. Both Director A and Director B have gone above and beyond what you would expect to help me out.

I have another four weeks left in my current job but I am absolutely thrilled to start my new job next month.


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