Fantastic news – a new job

I got some brilliant news as N. and I were having breakfast today. I got offered the job I mentioned in my last post. I will start on September 1st.

The job is exactly what I had been waiting for. It is in the industry I want to be working in, much closer to home, better pay, more holidays, much more flexibility and a 4 day work week. It is full time but I will only be working Mondays to Thursdays. Hello three-day weekends!

I remember when I first started working in the UK I really missed those occasional three-day weekends you get in Germany due to public holidays. Well, I’ll be having them every week.

My commute will be cut down to less than half the time it is now. I currently have a commute of about two hours each way (four hours a day, twenty hours a week). It should be about 45 minutes each way (1.5 hours a day, 6 hours a week).

From Monday to Thursday, I will probably still be gone for the same amount of time, because I will have to work more hours per day but I will not be working at all on Fridays! How amazing is that?!

I also cannot wait to have more flexible working hours again!

Not to mention that this job simply sounds a hundred times more interesting than my current job. I will be working a job that is more similar to what I did before I moved to the UK.

I am so happy!


7 thoughts on “Fantastic news – a new job

  1. Mensch super!! Gratuliere! Was hast denn mit der gewonnenen Zeit vor?

    Ich lese immer fleissig deinen Blog, auch wenn ich nicht kommentiere, bitte schön fleissig weiterschreiben!! ;)

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