Our first proper holiday

Oh, you guys. There are so many exciting things going on in my life right now that are completely up in the air. I kind of want to share them but then I kind of don’t want to make too much noise about something that may never happen.

Well, maybe I can say this:

I had another job interview a little over a week ago. It went very well, and I should hear back this week. It is actually with the company I interviewed with before, back in February last year. Gosh, it would suck to be turned down for the same job twice. So fingers crossed it will work out this time.

N. and I are looking at buying a house. We had our eye on one but then this happened. We were planning on using the Help to Buy scheme but having to wait until the next financial year means we will miss out on the house we had our eye on as it will be completed before then. There are still some things that could happen for it to happen after all, but we might well be back at square one. We still want to buy a house and we still want to use the Help to Buy scheme, so hopefully something will happen on this front within the next year regardless of how this particular house plays out, but right now we just don’t know what will happen.

We also booked flights to Germany a couple of weeks ago. We will be going in October for a few days. Originally I had wanted to go a little earlier in the year, when the weather is still nicer, but flights for this time of the year would have been about 2–3 times what we paid. This way me managed to book flights for £160 for both of us. I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends again.

Last week, we went away on our first proper holiday as a couple. Probably a bit unusual for it to be so late into our relationship, but with dating long distance and having to buy lots of flights between Edinburgh and Munich and then my moving here, having to find a new job, etc. it just didn’t happen earlier. We spent a week in Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park. It is about 120 miles north of Edinburgh, in the Highlands.

We were very lucky with the weather, as it barely rained and we had an amazing week there. The countryside is absolutely stunning and we did some fun things like having afternoon tea on board an old steam railway and feeding reindeer.

Click through for some pictures from our holiday. I am planning to write a bit more in detail about some of our experiences but I wanted to share these now, because you and I both know I sometimes take a little longer with blogging these days.


Loch Morlich, where we walked on our first day.


The view from Cairngorm Mountain. The big lake is Loch Morlich.


Reindeer! We visited the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, Britain’s only reindeer herd. They were very tame and friendly and we even got to feed them. It was a great experience and we had the most beautiful views from their enclosure too.


A little creek we had to cross to get to the reindeer enclosure. It was a short walk but quite steep and the narrow paths were a little scary if you thought about it too much.


We went on a ride with the Strathspey Railway, an old-fashioned steam railway, and had afternoon tea on board. It was the first time I had an afternoon tea and the scenery was gorgeous. Great experience.


Just a shot I took on an evening walk near the hotel we stayed at.


Loch an Eilein, where we walked on our last day in Aviemore. It was a beautiful walk, although it was quite hot. Fantastic way to spend the day before we caught the train back home on Friday evening.


There is a castle ruin on a small island in Loch an Eilein. I know!


Just a little creek we crossed as we walked around Loch an Eilein.


5 thoughts on “Our first proper holiday

  1. How exciting on the job! I really hope it works out, and I hope it’s a considerably shortened commute.

    What gorgeous, gorgeous photos!! I sometimes like to think that the Rocky Mountain West has the best mountains in the world (okay, they do, Alps and Urals and Himalayas be damned!), but these vistas are just stunning!! Swoon!


  2. Great news about the job!! I will hold thumbs! Lets us know as soon as you get news.

    And great news on the house too. What kind of house are you looking at? Do you have a picture or a link?

    OMG, it is so pretty in Scotland. I enjoyed our Highland tour a lot last year and you are really lucky go live there.

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