Shhh, it’s a secret

I’m on my lunch break right now and have spent the whole morning wearing my hearing aids at work.

It’s absolutely amazing how much better/clearer I hear & understand people. I can even follow conversations now that I’m not a part of!

It’s nothing short of brilliant and the only complaint I have is that I wish my hearing was naturally this good.

There is a downside of course, as all the background noise is much louder as well. I work in a fairly large office of around 100 people, and most of the people do customer service via phone so it is loud. Phones ringing, people talking, all the noise you get in an office environment, only for the past year, I was able to ignore it a lot more easily. Now everything is amplified and it will probably take me a while to manage to block it out as well as I used to.

Other than that I’m doing really well. I am planning to wear them for the rest of the day, although I will remove them for my commute home so I can use earphones.

As I am wearing my hair down, I don’t think anyone has noticed them. The hearing aids are completely covered by my hair and I am planning to keep doing this for a while until I am more comfortable with them. I am not expecting that my hearing aids will stay a secret forever but I’m not going to be completely obvious about them either.


So, sshhh, it’s a secret. (For now.)

Yesterday I called my mum for Mother’s Day and I told her about my hearing aids. I had to start at the very beginning, because while they knew my hearing wasn’t 100%, I never told them about the BPPV I had between October and March which lead to my hearing test and the hearing aids.
Her reaction? Well, my mum and I aren’t really on the same page regarding science and medicine (she suggested that yoga and exercises to open my throat chakra might improve my hearing. Errrr, ok. Other than that, she was slightly shocked, but supportive. As you would expect I suppose.

On Saturday, N. and I went to IKEA with his mum and I wanted to tell her but didn’t really know how to bring it up in the conversation so as we got home I asked N. to tell her for me (which he did). Uhhh yeah, I’m a chicken.

Anyway, back to work and the noisy office. Fingers crossed that allthe noise won’t be too overwhelming. On Saturday I found myself absolutely exhausted by 8 PM after having been exposed to all the noise as we were out at IKEA and ASDA.


4 thoughts on “Shhh, it’s a secret

  1. I am just so excited for this, I know it will take a while to get used to, but I am thrilled at how much more you will hear and understand!

    (Also, meant to leave this on the last post, but the part about having to tell your supervisor about your health stuff seems so weird. The US seems a lot more like Germany, health matters are completely confidential and you aren’t required to say anything. The UK system would drive me bonkers.)


    • I know right? When I had my appointment because of my vertigo, I had to show him my referral letter, and he actually asked whether he could make a copy of it! I said no, because it contains personal information about my health and it’s none of my employer’s business! What was he going to do, put it in my personnel file? It really seemed wrong and thankfully another employee backed me up saying that wasn’t done by any previous supervisors (my supervisor has only just been promoted to supervisor 6 months ago so he was probably not familiar with the correct procedure).

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