London in a weekend Pt. 2

This is my second post about our weekend in London. You can find part one here, if you’d like to read more about our first day in London.

On Sunday, we decided to take the Emirates Air Line, a cable car across the Thames, from the Royal Docks to North Greenwich. We were staying a five minute walk from the Royal Docks, so it was just a fun way of starting our day.


The North Greenwich stop was right by the O2 Arena, which we had a great view of from the cable car.


From there we caught the tube to get to the London Eye (a giant ferris wheel in the centre of London). We quickly stopped at a restaurant for what should have been breakfast, but had turned into lunch because it was past 12 pm by then.


Thanks to the Grown-Ups Go Free Kellogg’s promotion we managed to get a BOGOF offer on tickets for the London Eye, which saved us £20. We did have to queue for a while to buy the tickets and then again to get on the London Eye, so in hindsight I can definitely recommend you turn up as early as you can to minimise queuing time. Once we got into our capsule, I was really surprised with how big it was and how many people fit into one. When you look at the London Eye from further away, you don’t really realise just how big the capsules are. I think N. was most impressed with the air conditioning. Hah.


From the London Eye, we had a fantastic view of the surrounding area, and all of London really. The London Eye is super close to the Houses of Parliament and it was great to see them from above, and we also saw Buckingham Palace (the only time I saw it this time around in London) and the Shard.



Oh hi, it’s my love and me, on the London Eye. Buckingham Palace is conveniently hidden right behind me (in the picture below).


The London Eye moves (nearly) continuously but very slowly, so it takes about 25 minutes to do a full turn. It is a bit expensive but since neither N. nor I had ever been on it, and we managed to get a free ticket which meant we only paid £20 for both of us, it was definitely worth it. I would recommend it if you visit London if you can afford it, it’s a cool experience.

After the London Eye, we walked across the Thames and stumbled upon Herman Ze German, a small shop that does German wurst, bratwurst, currywurst etc. I had heard of them before and had read that they were supposed to be pretty good and authentic. We weren’t really hungry but couldn’t resist the call of the currywurst. It was really good. Such a shame they don’t have a shop in Edinburgh. We did buy myself a Herman Ze German tote bag, because you have to admit, it’s a pretty clever name. I have even had someone ask me about it in a shop here before. (“Is that an actual place?” “Why yes, yes it is.”)


We strolled through the Victoria Embankment Gardens which were lovely with all the blooming flowers ( I love spring!) and people out enjoying the nice weather. Past The Savoy, and then back along the Thames. We also did two geocaches, one by the London Eye and one along the Victoria Embankment. Quite tricky geocaching with so many people around (you don’t want the Muggles to find geocaches, they might destroy, or “muggle”, them). At the first geocache we actually ran into some fellow geocachers from Denmark which was both cool and weird. Hah.




Love, love love this man. He hates having his picture taken but often puts up with it because I love taking pictures (in general but also of us). How sweet is he?

From there, we went to Covent Garden.I had forgotten the Covent Garden tube station … it’s exit only and you can only exit it on an elevator, there are no escalators. (There is an emergency spiral staircase so no worries.) You squeeze into the elevator with all these people and up it goes to street level. We had a little more time to kill so we just strolled around for a wee while.



After a while it was time to go back to the hotel to pick up our bags and get to the airport. Our flight left at just before 9 pm, and we made it home shortly before midnight. A long day but it was a great weekend and absolutely worth it. It was so nice to get away, even just for a couple of days, and to spend some time exploring another city with N. I hope we can do a break like this again soon.


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