Edinburgh Butterfly World

Today we went to the Edinburgh Butterfly World. We wanted to spend some time with N.’s mum as we hadn’t seen her much lately, and both she and I are avid photographers, so we’d been planning to go there for a while.


The other day, Groupon did a deal on yearly passes for the Butterfly World, and we all got one. It was a real bargain at £28 for both N. and me for the full year. It’s just a short drive from where we live so we’ll definitely be going back there again.


It was really fun seeing all the different types of butterflies fluttering around us. And I finally got out my camera again after months (!) of not using it at all. (Maybe I should reconsider describing myself as an avid photographer.)


The only downside was with it being a rainy Sunday afternoon, the place was absolutely packed with families. It would definitely be better to visit on a less busy day. Hopefully next time won’t be quite as crowded.






After the Butterfly World, we went to IKEA. We got some more furniture and managed to get a fantastic deal on one of the things we bought. I’m looking forward to the day that we’re done with shopping at IKEA, especially the big(ger) ticket items, but we’re getting closer and closer. We’ve been buying things bit by bit to spread out the costs, but with my anniversary of moving here nearing, it would be great to be done. I think one more IKEA shop should do for the remaining things. When I look back to how we started here in March or even six months ago, we’ve already come a long way since then. Our apartment is far from perfect (and our pictures are still not on the wall!) but it’s our home, and I really like what we’ve done with it.


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