First winter in Scotland

It is early January, and while we have about 2.5 months to go until spring begins, I am usually completely fed up with winter around this time of the year. This year is a little different. While Edinburgh gets a lot less daylight than I am used to during winter, the weather is much milder than in Bavaria.

It’s January, and I have yet to see any snow on the ground here. I did actually see snow on the ground when we were in Germany in October (!) but nearly three months later, and Edinburgh has not had any snow yet. We have had some pretty bad weather here, storms, wind and rain but except for a two or three days, winter feels a whole lot more pleasant here than in Germany. Nowhere near as cold or snowy. So far anyway. It has to start snowing at some point, and at that point, I expect, all hell will break lose in this country that does not believe in winter tyres. (Fools!)

Don’t get me wrong, now that Christmas is over, I am still absolutely ready for spring, but the milder weather does make winter a little more bearable. I seem to be doing okay with the lack of daylight as well. It is dark when I go to work and dark when I leave the office, regardless of whether I am in Germany or in Scotland.

I am sure the weather here will get worse before it gets better, so I may eat my words in a few days or weeks, but on a whole, my experience with winter in Scotland has been better than I had expected … so far, so good.


4 thoughts on “First winter in Scotland

  1. I think the fact that winter was more bearable for you in Scotland is due to the overall mild climate this year. We had 15C on christmas eve and I believe maybe 5 days with below zero temperature so far.

  2. Hey! At least you’ve made it past the darkest days of the year! I always struggle with the lack of light, so when the days finally start getting longer I know I’ve made it through the worst of it, regardless of the ice and snow factor. :)


  3. I was hoping for snow when we went to Germany for Christmas but no such luck! We had to ride the train all the way up to the Brocken to even catch a slight glimpse of it. It will be 72 degrees in Texas tomorrow and it feels like the trees are already sprouting again (they only just shed all their leaves). Oh well… ;)

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