Merry Christmas

It’s been a little quiet around here, hasn’t it? The past couple of months have just gone by so fast and I have to admit, I did not miss blogging that much. Not that I want to give up my blog, I did just renew my domain for another year in November.

It’s the evening of Boxing Day, and I’m just sat here on the sofa next to the Christmas tree enjoying a little me time while N. Is in the other room playing a computer game. We have both been off work this week and it’s been absolutely lovely not having to go to work every day.

This Christmas has been our second as a couple but our first in our own apartment, with our own tree. Last year, we spent Christmas at my parents’ house in Germany, knowing that it would be my last Christmas before moving to the UK. This year, it was just the two of us and it was absolutely perfect.

I never decorated my previous places much for Christmas, as I was never there for Christmas anyway, but I knew I wanted to make a real effort this year, with this being our first Christmas in our first apartment together. It was definitely worth it. We decorated the apartment on the first weekend in December and it’s been so lovely and cosy with all the Christmas decorations and lights up.


A week before Christmas Eve, we picked up our Christmas tree and decorated it. Both N. and I grew up with real Christmas trees (in fact I remember we even had real candles on the tree when I was little!), so we both wanted a real Christmas tree. I’m quite happy we agree on this. A plastic tree is just not the same in my opinion. IKEA did an offer where you would buy a Christmas tree for £25 and receive a £20 voucher with your tree. Since we wanted to buy some more furniture early next year anyway, this worked out perfectly for us. I absolutely love our tree and our Christmas tree decorations. It’s so nice building a life together, and these little things make it all he more enjoyable.


We celebrated Christmas according to British tradition, on Christmas Day, with a big Christmas turkey dinner. In Germany, people traditionally celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, with children (and grow ups) opening their gifts on the evening of the 24th, while the 25th and 26th are usually reserved for visiting grandparents and other relatives.

On Christmas Eve, we had raclette for dinner, using the raclette grill my brother and his girlfriend had given us for Christmas last year for the first time. It was so nice. Raclette is a really popular dish in Germany for “social” dinners such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but it was also great to do for just the two of us.


On Christmas Day, we woke up and exchanged presents. My boyfriend’s mum had been over on the 23rd already to exchange gifts, as she was working on Christmas Day, but we waited until the morning of the 25th to open them. You guys, I was absolutely spoiled. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened one of N.’s presents and it was an iPad Air! He said he knew how long I’d been wanting one (that’s true, I’d been talking about it for well over a year), and that I would have bought one a long time ago if I hadn’t moved here (probably also true). It is a little over the top, but at the same time, it’s so sweet, and I am absolutely blown away by it! I have been using my iPad quite a bit since then and I love it! In fact, I am typing this post on it right now! I also got a new charm for my Pandora bracelet and some other beautiful gifts from N., and some lovely gifts from his mum (including a new Pandora charm as well). As I said, completely spoiled!


Around noon, we set upon cooking our Christmas dinner. We had prepared some things the day before and we had also bought some things ready-made to make things a little easier, especially as there were just the two of us. While N. got busy in the kitchen, I spent some time skyping with my parents. They told me about their Christmas the evening before and I showed them our Christmas tree. (Isn’t technology fantastic?) It may sound strange but even though this was my first Christmas outside Germany, it was the nicest in a long time.

Dinner turned out absolutely perfect, and it was absolutely scrumptious from beginning to end.


We have some leftovers, especially of the turkey which was for 6-8 people, and I’m looking forward to having them for dinner tonight. Nom!

Today we went into town, walked around and had a look at the sales in shops. I have to work again on Monday and Tuesday but am off the rest of next week. N. is off this and next week as well. Ah, bliss! Right now, we don’t have too much planned, I think for the most time we will just enjoy having some downtime.

We do have tickets for the Hogmanay Street Party, though, and I am looking forward to experiencing that. We’ll be going with some of N.’s family. And then just a few short days into the new year, it’s N.’s birthday, so there will be lots of celebrating here for the next week and a half.

How was your Christmas? I hope you enjoyed the time with your loved ones. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?


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