First blogiversary

For something more cheery, two days ago was my first blogiversary a.k.a. the anniversary of the day I started planning my move to the UK out loud.

So much has changed since then, and I am so happy that everything went (mostly) according to plan. I can’t really complain (except about my commute, hah!), and I can’t believe that it will be five months tomorrow since I moved here (and three since I started my job).

I have spent more of 2013 in the UK than in Germany and by the time we visit Germany in October, I will have been away from Germany for longer (at a time) than ever before.

I am happy to say that despite moaning about my commute and the bathroom, I really enjoy living here. I rarely feel homesick, and I haven’t experienced much of a culture shock. (Knock on wood.)

Last week, N. and I were in town. As we walked past the bagpiper on the corner of Princes Street/Waverley Bridge, and I didn’t even glance at him, N. remarked, “You’re no longer a tourist.”


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