N. and I both have a week off work in two weeks. Originally we were considering going on holiday somewhere but I think we may just stay home. Either way I am excited and can’t wait to be off work for a week.

September is a busy month at work (so busy that we are not allowed any time off), so it will be good to recharge my batteries before diving back in.

I’ve been in my job for a little over two months and while that isn’t really very long, I do miss having “built-in” long weekends due to public holidays. My company doesn’t close on public holidays so unless we take time off, we have to work.

We also just yesterday both got a week off work approved for October. I really wanted to go to Germany at some point before the year is over, and because flights were really, really cheap, we booked flights to Munich as soon as we both had our holidays approved.

We’re going for a full week, and we will most likely spend most of the time in Munich, and also go to Heidelberg (where I went to uni) for a couple of days.

I can’t wait to show N. the city I lived in for 6 years, not to mention see my friends again. The last time I was there was in January last year for a friend’s baby shower. She had her son in February so he’ll be nearly two, and I’ve not even met him yet!

Also really excited to see my friends in Munich again and just spend some time with N. in my hometown. It’s such a beautiful city.

I haven’t really felt homesick since I moved here but I do miss Munich a little.

It will be strange to see the things that have changed, even just the little things such as shops being replaced by others. In Heidelberg even moreso than in Munich because I’ve only been there twice since I left three years ago. When you leave a place, in your mind it kind of stays frozen in time, but of course time moves on, with or without you. It is a bit of a shock, returning after some time away. It always has been for me anyway.


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