Summer is here

Remember my last post from over two weeks ago? It was about how we hadn’t really had proper summer weather yet at the beginning of July. Since then we have had some of the best weather the UK has seen in years.

It’s been really nice for the past two weeks, hardly any rain, and even a couple of really warm days with up to 29 degree weather. Or, as the media and locals would put it, “the country continues to bask in a heatwave” (source). To be honest, to me it has all seemed like a very average summer but apparently it is very unusual for it to get this warm and stay nice for such a long period of time. I’ve really been enjoying the warm weather, although I suppose I had better not get used to it.


Two weeks ago, my friend J. and I met up to go to the beach to enjoy the sun. I do love being just a short bus ride away from the beach!


N. spontaneously decided to cycle down to the beach to meet me later in the afternoon. We decided to have a drink at a  bar there and catch some sun before going back home.



It was such a lovely day.

Last week, I gave blood for the first time in the UK. I gave blood quite regularly while living in Munich and Heidelberg, although I hadn’t for about three years before moving here, as the small town I lived in only had blood donation days once every few weeks, and it usually didn’t fit into my schedule. We had the ‘blood mobile’ come to my company on Tuesday last week, so we got to go and give blood during working hours which made it super easy to go. I had been a bit nervous whether they would even let me give blood and how it all would go, but everything was fine. It was a pretty warm day at 28 degrees, and on my way home I fell asleep on the bus. That isn’t anything unusual, and I fall asleep on the bus all the time, only this time I didn’t wake up until I was in the next town, a two mile walk from home. Not quite how I had pictured my evening. I get home quite late as it is, and that night it was 8:30 by the time I got home.



I did get to take some pictures of the lovely landscape during my walk home which made it slightly more bearable.

IMG_1513 IMG_1475

It really is a lovely part of the world I live in, isn’t it?

So much for now, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the summer!


3 thoughts on “Summer is here

  1. Oh, I love the beach. I am a bit envious right now after seeing the pictures.
    But in September we will be in Scotland and I will have lots and lots of beach and ocean. :-)

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