Summer feeling

It’s July already but I don’t really feel like it is summer. It just isn’t warm enough. Turns out living this far north does impact summer temperatures. Who would have thunk it?

Having said that, we have actually had exceptionally good weather. Most of June was really lovely. But it was more like an unusually nice spring.


You see, Scotland doesn’t really get warm temperatures like any other place I have lived it in summer. Germany does always have a couple of weeks of 30C + weather. And temperatures between 25C and 30C are normal summer weather.

Let’s not get started on Norman, OK and Barcelona, Spain (where I spent a year each when I was in university). I remember wearing flip flops nearly year-round with the exception of the winter months.

And I don’t even like hot weather. I like it best when it’s warm enough to wear a short-sleeved top and flip flops but not so warm that you are constantly sweating. I love blue skies and sunshine. But really, 25C do for me. It doesn’t have to be 30C +. I don’t like sweating like a pig and being unable to sleep well because it is too hot (air conditioning is not common to have in private homes in Europe). No, thank you. I suppose it is lucky then that I live here now.

This is summer here and no doubt I will get used to it over time.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Edinburgh was just barely over 30C. Sometime in the 70s. So it has not been that warm in roughly 40 years.

Imagine my excitement then, when I read the newspaper yesterday and found out that we are due for a “heatwave” next week.


Not a lot of places where 24 degree weather would be considered a heatwave. Well, I am excited. I cannot wait for some truly warm weather and hopefully it will finally start feeling like summer to me.

Have you ever moved to a place where the climate was different from where you came from? How long till you got used to it?


3 thoughts on “Summer feeling

  1. I only ever lived in the Netherlands, and although it’s slightly warmer than Scotland, we don’t often get good summer weather here. Temperatures are said to rise to around 24C here too and everyone’s getting excited!

  2. Hawaii :) Was amazing. Loved every second. Was there 5 years and I didn’t take much time to adjust.

    Northern New York was tough. Really really tough winters, snow and cold like I had never seen in my life. Never got used to it.

    Boston wasn’t so bad and now, England, well, :) I am waiting for the heat wave! I am sure our cottage will be a SAUNA :)

  3. I think I’ve always lived in places with pretty much the same climate, although I don’t remember summers in Ohio being as hot as the ones in Virginia have been. This summer has been very, very hot and VERY humid, so far. I’m hoping we get a little break and temps dip down a bit.

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