It has been a month since I started my new job and unintentionally abandoned my little blog here.

I really didn’t mean to stop posting but somehow it happened. I never seem to have enough time to myself during the week, except for the 3+ hours I spend on the bus every day, and I am exhausted when I finally get home at night, so blogging (along with many other things) has taken a backseat in my life. I was (still am) considering blogging on the bus, except I really don’t like typing a lot on my iPhone so it hasn’t happened yet.

Today has been exactly a month since I started my job and since my last post, and it has also been three months since I moved to the UK and since N. and I moved in together.

Getting used to living together has been easier on both of us than we expected, and has definitely been the right decision for us. Getting to see each other every day, having dinner together, waking up together every single day is absolutely fantastic. I do miss having me time (for things like blogging or watching TV shows N. doesn’t like) a little sometimes, but I think my long commute doesn’t help that, and all in all, it is all worth it.

N. and I at the beach in North Berwick in May
N. and I at the beach in North Berwick in May – I love this man so much!

My job is going well. My co-workers are nice, and my work is going well. It is certainly not the most challenging job but it isn’t boring either. I am still in training and learning all the different procedures for all sorts of tasks is keeping me busy. It is definitely good to be working again. Having my own income is good and so is having a purpose. It was nice to have a little break but after two or three weeks I really didn’t enjoy being unemployed anymore.

N. and I have a week off at the end of August. I have to admit, even though I have only been back at work for five weeks, I am really excited. We haven’t decided yet whether we will be going away on holiday or stay in Edinburgh. It will be during the festival so even if we stay in town, there will be plenty of things for us to do.

We (well, mostly N. to be honest) have been putting a lot of work into our garden, we painted our shed and fence, and got all the weeds out of the lawn. There wasn’t much grass left when we were done, but hopefully the new grass will grow quickly. I can’t wait to get some garden furniture as well and a BBQ. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy sitting outside and have a BBQ with friends before the summer is over. And when I say summer I mean the only time a year that Scotland has a chance of getting temperatures in the range of 20C. Hah. I am quite adaptable and embrace most of the differences to living in Germany – I mean, why make myself miserable? – but I have to admit I do miss warmer temperatures a bit. 23–25 degrees would definitely be lovely but are a rarity here.

Go figure, we saw Despicable Me 2 on my last day of being a twenty-something - here's me with a giant Minion
Go figure, we saw Despicable Me 2 on my last day of being a twenty-something – here’s me with a giant Minion

Last weekend was my birthday. I turned 30. Thirty. It’s hard to believe I am no longer in my twenties but in the decade when people do all the grown up things – get married, have kids, buy a house etc – yeah, lots of people do that in their twenties already, I know! Does that mean I have to grow up now?

07-IMG_0736 10-IMG_1196
11-IMG_0754 08-IMG_1190

I spent the afternoon at one of my favourite (yep, with a u – going to try to adapt my spelling and vocabulary, I mean I live and work in the UK now) bars in Edinburgh, right on the beach promenade in Portobello. They do live music on Sunday afternoons and it is absolutely lovely. We also went with my parents when they were here and they loved it as well. It’s such a nice way of spending a Sunday afternoon, the atmosphere is great, the music is fantastic, and the view of the sea outside the window is so relaxing. Since my birthday was on Sunday, I thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate and it was. It was just four of us, two of my friends, N. and me. We all had a great time. It was nice to spend time with my friends and share this place with them.

09-IMG_1192 12-IMG_075613-IMG_0761 05-IMG_0732

I was absolutely spoiled with presents too. I got some lovely jewellery from N., and a jewellery box from his mum (with a u!).

02-IMG_1129 04-IMG_1202

I got a total of four new charms for my Pandora bracelet, two from N., one from his mum and one from my best friend T. It’s filling up nicely, especially considering I’ve only had it for six months.


So that’s a little update from me. Hopefully it won’t be quite as long until my next post. N. is starting German classes next week, which means I’ll be at home by myself for two evenings a week. I am so thrilled he is finally starting to learn German. And as a little bonus, I might use some of my spare time on the evenings he isn’t home for blogging. Oh, how I have missed it!

P.S. Can you believe it will be July next week? I know, me neither!


6 thoughts on “Thirty

  1. Wow, you got spoiled for your birthday! Great!! And I always say, if life is keeping you too busy to blog it’s usually not the worst. At least no boredom (other than that commute. Outsh!). :)

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