My life lately (a list)

It’s been a super busy week. So here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I did lots of sightseeing with my parents and took roughly a million pictures. Hopefully I will get around to sorting through them and sharing some soon.
  • Saturday must have been the nicest day yet. It was so warm and sunny, absolutely fantastic. We spent the day in North Berwick and N. even got a sunburn! Brilliant day!
  • We set up a meeting for my parents and N.’s mom, seeing as it might well be a while till the opportunity arises again. I think it went well. So that’s that done.
  • I started my new job today. Today it’s been exactly two months since I moved to the UK, so it was a great day. So far everything is going well, everyone seems very nice.
  • Having to deal with a lot less personal time, or rather, I am spending all of it on the bus now. May have to start blogging on the bus if I want to keep posting regularly. My commute is super long.
  • Since I’ll finally be getting my own income again, N. and I sat down tonight to work out a budget for mutual expenses. Glad we got that sorted. And hooray for a paycheck. I’ll be receiving my first one on June 15th.
  • Speaking of, it’ll take some time to get used to having to budget mid-month to mid-month, first time in my life I have to do that. So far it had always been from the first till the last day of the month.

So that’s for a quick update. I hope I will have time to share some pictures from the past week soon. How are you doing?


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