What a fantastic day a.k.a. I have a job

Yesterday was all-around pretty amazing.

I had my job interview in the morning and I thought I performed really well. I thought I got on well with the two women who interviewed me (one of them was German!) and in my opinion, I managed to give a good answer to all of their questions.

A couple of hours after the interview, I got a call from the recruiting agency asking how it went and that they would follow up with the company for feedback. Another couple of hours later, they called me again telling me I got the job and would I be able to start on Monday. And just like that, I had a job and was no longer unemployed. Now, it wasn’t all “just like that”, it was quite a drawn out application process, where I had to do several online tests (at home), and met with the agency twice before I interviewed with my company. But really, it didn’t seem all that hard either.

After telling me that I got the job, the recruiter also told me that I had also been competing with internal applicants who were already working for the company but that he didn’t want to tell me in case that makes me nervous. Well. I reckon that must mean I really impressed them, because don’t internal applicants usually get preference over external ones?

So. I got a job. I don’t have the official offer from the company yet but my recruiter told me they would make one and that I’ll be starting on Monday. That had better happen because I already announced my news on Facebook. Hah.

No, this job isn’t perfect. The pay is definitely not what I am used to, but at the same time it is in the field I worked (and want to continue working) in, and I hope that it will either offer me some good opportunities for getting ahead or at least give me some good UK working experience.

After the interview, I went to the airport to pick up my parents. We went to their hotel and dropped everything off in their room. By the way, the hotel they are staying in is pretty nice. It is the Motel One, a German budget hotel chain. I’d been in a Motel One before in Munich and I was quite impressed, so when I found out that one was to open here five months ago, I recommended it to my parents. It couldn’t be in a better location and my parents have a lovely view from their room on the top floor. They are really pleased with it.

Motel One View

The view from their hotel room. So gorgeous! You can even see the Forth in the distance.

The weather was absolutely brilliant yesterday, warm and sunny, so we just walked around a bit, we got them bus passes for the week, and I showed them some places to buy food nearby their hotel.

In the end it all seems to work out perfectly. I have a job, but I don’t start until next week, which means I can spend most of this week with my parents, do sightseeing in Edinburgh and enjoy my time with them without worrying about having to find a job. They leave on Tuesday so it works out really well.


4 thoughts on “What a fantastic day a.k.a. I have a job

  1. Perfect timing!

    I’m so glad you got the job! Even if it doesn’t pay what you’re used to, you have your own income and that always helps. Hopefully this will prove to be a good stepping stone for your future career in the UK!

    Have fun showing your parents around and enjoy the sunny weather!

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