The hills



Last week, I went to do some geocaches with N. and his mom in the hills. They said it was beautiful up there so I brought my camera along. I managed to get some nice pictures although it was tricky with the light conditions and my limited knowledge of how to use my camera’s manual settings.

Before I even moved here, I ordered myself the “for Dummies” book for my camera. I thought it would be something to keep myself occupied while I don’t have a job yet, but I have to admit that I haven’t started reading it yet.

T. is a member of a local camera club and I am planning to check it out once they resume their meetings in the fall. I really want to learn to use my camera better, as for the most part I don’t use it differently than I would use a point-and-shoot.





On Saturday, I heard back from the position I interviewed for on Monday. I didn’t get the job. I really did think the interview went well, but I guess it didn’t go well enough.

This afternoon, I have an appointment with a recruiter who has advertised positions for German speakers. The fact that this would cut my income (from my previous job in Germany) nearly in half makes me want to cry, but I suppose it is better than not having an income at all. So let’s see how this goes.





5 thoughts on “The hills

  1. Seeing your income drop like that is so demotivating, but any job is a good starting point, because at least you’re making something.

    Regarding the camera: do you shoot in RAW format and do you have good editing software? And do you use a polarization filter?

    • Yeah, the only upside is that my take-home pay would not drop quite as much as I would be paying a lot less in taxes and NI contributions so it would only decrease by about 25%.

      I don’t shoot in RAW, although I set myself that as a goal a while ago. I do have Adobe Lightroom 3, but my current laptop is a bit old and slow so it’s kind of frustrating to use LR. As a result I’ve barely ever used it and when I do, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I was planning to upgrade to a new laptop soon (once I have a job) and also get a bigger screen for editing pictures.
      I don’t use/own a polarization filter.

      • Those two things (LR and a polarization filter) can make a really big difference to the quality of your photos. Polarization filters can make the colours in your photos deeper because it functions like polaroid sunglasses. But they tend to be around 50 euros for a good quality one, so I hope you’ll find a job soon!

  2. Salaries in this country suck ass. Big time. I just met with some recruiters yesterday to look at their salary surveys as I had worked with them before and I just started laughing and we had a good chat about the living expenses in the UK/London area compared to the US and the salaries. I stuck to my guns and am very very pleased with my salary here in the UK, but damn, had I stuck with the jobs I initially was hoping to get, I would have halfed my salary and that was a no go at this stage in my career.
    Regardless, it’s a good plan. Take something and keep looking! Are the salaries for the jobs you really want in a comparable range to Germany at least?

    • Yeah, isn’t it so depressing? Living expenses are higher and salaries are lower. What a bad combination!
      The salaries for the jobs I really want are also not comparable to salaries in Germany but at least my take-home pay would probably be really close to or about the same as what it was in Germany due to the difference in tax/NI deductions.

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