Living by the sea

One of the things I absolutely love about living here is how close we are to the sea. We live about two miles from the sea, from the Firth of Forth to be more precisely, which is not really the sea, but it kind of is. It’s sea water, there are waves, seagulls and beaches, so if you ask me, it’s the sea. All it means is you can see Fife on the other side of the Forth.

We have been to a few of the coastal towns in the past, such as Gullane, North Berwick and Dunbar, and I really enjoyed all of them. Our town lies on top of a hill overlooking the Forth, which makes for the best view from our kitchen window.

Last night we decided to cycle to Prestonpans, which has a Lidl. It is located right next to the beach, and just as we went back outside the sun was setting, and we got to see a gorgeous sunset. N. said sunsets like this are normal here, but for me they’re still special. I cannot believe I am so lucky to get to live here now. I absolutely love it. I mean, here we were, just going to Lidl, but we happened to catch this stunning sunset as we were there.







P.S. If you have read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, like I have, you may be familiar with Prestonpans. This is where the Battle of Prestonpans took place. I must admit that most of what I know about Scotland’s history comes from her books. I read the books before I even knew N. and none of the town names really meant anything to me, I couldn’t have dreamed that I would live here one day. The battle took place where the forest is, between Tranent – where we live – and Prestonpans.



4 thoughts on “Living by the sea

  1. Wow, this place really does look incredibly beautiful! I’m jealous. :) I hope to live by the sea at some point as well. It seems impossible to me that you would ever get used to this.

    • Are you referring to the last picture? That’s Cockenzie with its (now closed) coal power station. Fife is a council area of Scotland that lies on the other side of the Firth of Forth, you can see its hills in the distance in the sunset pictures. You can read more about Fife here.

  2. Oh! It’s so beautiful! I want to live near the ocean at some point. I love it so much, and would love to be just a quick trip from seeing waves and putting my feet in sand.

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