Our first Geocaching CITO event

Yesterday, N. and I went to our first geocaching event, the CITO event at the Water of Leith in Edinburgh. We went with the same group of people as our 6 mile walk two weeks ago, N.’s mom and two of her geocaching friends.

CITO is short for Cache in Trash Out, where you pick up trash at a park or similar place that you would normally go geocaching. (Read more here.) Many geocachers have travel bugs (trackable items that move from geocache to geocache) on their cars or similar places so going to the event we also got to log a bunch of travel bugs and geo coins. One guy even had a travel bug tattooed on his arm! (Read more here.)

The turnout was about 60 people which was great. It took about two hours, and we managed to pick up quite a big amount of rubbish, ranging from litter such as bottles and chocolate bar wrappers to a computer, window frames and what looked to me like the housing of a washing machine.

CITO Edinburgh 2013

Some of the volunteers put on waders and actually got into the river to pull out debris. I preferred staying on the paths with my litter-picker-upper. Knowing me, I probably would have slipped the first chance I got.






N. and I had quite a good time volunteering here, and we talked about how I wish there was such an event for our town, as some places desperately need it, especially the rural area just surrounding the town. People actually go there to dump their old fridges, washing machines etc. Quite appalling.


The area we volunteered in had a park on one side of the river, and it was lovely to see spring has definitely arrived in Edinburgh as well. While we haven’t been spoiled with nice weather like Germany, you can tell that it is definitely getting warmer and sunnier. And in true British fashion, we got both sunshine and rain, it seemed that the weather couldn’t quite make up its mind, it would start raining a bit and then the sun would come out again.


The cherry blossoms were absolutely gorgeous!




It ended up being a lovely time out, we did something for the community and environment, and had a great time.

Have you ever participated in a volunteer event like this? Did you enjoy it?


5 thoughts on “Our first Geocaching CITO event

  1. I’m still so confused as to what geocaching actually is, heh. I’m gonna go follow those links now and read up on it. I’m glad to hear you’ve already found a new freetime activity in your new home – and one you both enjoy! :) And I think it’s so great when volunteers get together and do some good. I haven’t really done anything like it in recent years, although everyone should… (PS. Cherry blossoms are the best! There’s a tree behind my house here in Cologne that is just beginning to bloom and I can’t wait for it to be all white/rosé soon!)

  2. That’s such a fantastic idea!

    When I was a student I had a part-time job at an IT company. The CEO decided to hire us all for a day to do charity work. There’s an organization in one of the rougher neigbourhoods in our city that made a garden and a playground from a slab of concrete in between apartment buildings. The company donated new playing material and we all painted and planted a flower garden and helped set up the new playing material. Children can go there after school when their parents are still at work and do activities there. It was a really nice day!

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