Country road

Country Road
N. and I have been going on evening walks together quite regularly over the past week. On one of our walks, we walked down this country road which seemed to stretch on for eternity. While I wouldn’t mind living a little closer to Edinburgh, it is also nice being this close to the countryside while living so close to a big city at the same time. I only had one of these things in the town I previously lived in, and I really struggled with living in such an isolated small town. Our town is a lot different from that. Not only is it a lot bigger, but it also has more of a suburban rather than country feel, and with Edinburgh so close-by, I can appreciate living so close to nature much more.

2 thoughts on “Country road

  1. I feel the same way. We live in the second largest city in this country, but we live a few hundred metres from the city borders. There are two natural areas just a street away, but we’re also only 20 minutes away from the city centre. I could never live in the city centre, but I like having all the amenities it offers so close by. I have noticed though that friends feel reluctant to meet up at our place, because they feel it is so out of their way.

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