Last week, N. and I went geocaching with his mom T. and two of her geocaching friends. I had never been geocaching before but N. had told me loads about it, as he’d been plenty of times with his mom. T. picked a route along a local river which stretched on for about 6 miles. We started out at 6 pm, after N. had finished work and we had dinner.

Luckily it has been pretty dry for the past few weeks, so the paths weren’t too muddy, although the damage done by floods during the winter was still visible. For me it was great to see a little more of East Lothian, where we live. It is really a lovely part of Scotland, with some beautiful landscapes and gorgeous beaches. I’m not really an outdoorsy person, but I did enjoy going geocaching, as it gave being outdoors a purpose. It made walking those 6 miles really fun trying to beat each other to the next geocache and trying to find it at the location given by the GPS. Some of them took us quite a while to find.

We ended up taking a bit longer than expected, although I had thought that T.’s estimate of being back home after three hours was a bit optimistic, given that we would not just have to walk 6 miles but also get there and find the geocaches etc. We had to find the last few geocaches after the sun had set. Luckily sunset is quite late already, later already than what I am used to from living in Germany (which is so nice!), but by the time we got to the last two or three, it was pitch dark. We used torches to stay on the path and find the caches, but we found them all. I have to admit I was pretty tired by the time we got to the car.

We eventually made it back home at 10 pm. It was a great time, though, and I’m sure we will be going again. In fact, N. and I have already been out twice to find some of the geocaches here in town and we are planning to do a few longer walks along the beaches when the weather is nicer.


3 thoughts on “Geocaching

  1. I love geocaching! :)
    We started in 2007 and found 900 caches so far.
    I guess we have the same gps-device.

    Happy hunting in the future! ;)

  2. Oh, fun!! I’ve never been geocaching, but I have a lot of friends who have who absolutely love it – sounds like a great way to get out explore your new home!

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