Hello from Edinburgh

Wow. It’s been nearly two weeks since I last posted. Nearly two weeks since I moved to Edinburgh. Hard to believe it’s been that long already. So, the past two weeks.

The flight went without a hitch. The drive to the airport did have my stomach in knots, as just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Not sure we would have made it without my parents’ satnav. In the end, we did make it, though, and after that, it was all smooth sailing. Going through security took a bit longer, because I had both laptop and netbook as well as my DSLR and three lenses with me, which they had to look at manually. In Edinburgh, N. picked me up at the airport, and we went home. N.’s mom had booked us a taxi which was absolutely fantastic and so generous of her. It was really nice not having to worry about getting on and off buses with my luggage.

My stuff, which had been stored in an empty office at N.’s workplace, was brought over on Thursday morning. The same day, I opened a bank account and registered with the local GP. Two of the boxes I had shipped on Monday also arrived that day. The remaining boxes didn’t arrive until Tuesday because of the holiday weekend, but in the end everything made it, and even my vases made it in one piece! It took me about a week to unpack everything but eventually everything was unpacked and stowed away, which was such a relief, as I hate living in a big mess among moving boxes. On Friday, we went to a few stores, and picked up a few smaller items. Saturday N.’s mom took us to IKEA and we got some furniture that we still needed, such as a new couch table, a desk, and book shelves.

Now that everything is set up and looking neat, our apartment is super cozy and feels like a real home, our home. It’s not perfect, far from it, but all in all it’s pretty great.

On Saturday, I also joined the gym, although it took me over a week till I actually went for the first time. I went to today’s Zumba class and it was really great. I cannot wait to go again, and make working out part of my daily routine again.

The last official part of my moving here took place on Thursday when I went into the city center to apply for my national insurance number, which is required for working here. I cannot say how glad I am to be an EU citizen, it makes everything so much easier. No need to worry about a visa or work permit, since I have the right to live and work here just like any British citizen.

We also enjoyed some quality time together the first few days that I was here, before N. went back to work on Tuesday. Although I must admit, living with someone does take some getting used to. I was quite happy to spend the weekdays on my own, I absolutely need my me-time.

I have also spent some time with my friend J. who moved here for her boyfriend a little over two years ago. They broke up just a short while ago, and I was happy to spend some time with her, to try to take her mind off things, as well as to help her with her move a little. It’s so nice having a friend here already. I hope to make more friends eventually, but right now, it’s great to have her here, and my best friend T. who will be back in town this weekend.

With everything that has been going on, I have hardly had time to look for a job. I barely ever had a moment to sit down at the computer and have a look at job ads, although now that all the unpacking and paperwork is done, I will have more time for that. I really want to find a job as soon as I can. I don’t like not having my own income and having to rely on N. to pay our rent and bills.

Well, so much for now. This post is a bit all over the place with my trying to catch you guys up on what I’ve been up to in the past two weeks.


4 thoughts on “Hello from Edinburgh

  1. Congrats! (I don’t know if that’s the appropriate response, but I am just so happy for you and N. as you start this next chapter of your lives together!) Yay for getting settled and unpacking boxes! Yay for new cities! Yay for love!


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