Scintilla Day 2: Instruction manual for the past year

Step 1. Decide that you want to lose weight.

Step 2. Research websites and apps for tracking calorie intake.

Step 3. Sign up for an account at MyFitnessPal and discover its user community.

Step 4. Be added as a friend by an American woman living in Germany who is trying to lose weight as well.

Step 5. Exchange frequent comments with your new friend.

Step 6. Notice a guy from Scotland also posting encouraging comments on her profile.

Step 7. Decide to add said guy, because he sounds like a nice person with a healthy attitude.

Step 8. Start exchanging comments with this guy.

Step 9. Talk about nutrition, carbohydrates and protein, and exercise.

Step 10. Start having conversations about all sorts of other things through messages and realize you get along really well.

Step 11. Take it to e-mails after a few weeks and then to Skype chats.

Step 12. Start liking the guy a little too much for being just an internet friend.

Step 13. After a few torturous weeks, realize that he likes you a little too much, too.

Step 14. When this guy comes to your hometown for a gig, hang out with him for the entire weekend.

Step 15. Realize you both still really like each other.

Step 16. Feel butterflies for an entire evening as you nervously hold hands for the first time in the movie theater.

Step 17. Throw caution in the wind and start dating long-distance despite living 800 miles apart.

Step 18. Discover Facetime and spend hundreds of hours on it in the months to come.

Step 19. Book the first of many flights to Edinburgh for a weekend.

Step 20. Fall more in love.

Step 21. Book another flight to Edinburgh and spend a weekend together.

Step 22. Repeat steps 19 & 20 a few more times.

Step 23. Realize that this is serious.

Step 24. Decide to pack up your things and move to Edinburgh the following year.

Step 25. Start saving up money and planning the move. Decide that you want to live together.

Step 26. Spend 2 1/2 weeks together over Christmas to get a taste of living together.

Step 27. Give notice for both your apartment and your job. This may be a little scary but that is normal and to be expected.

Step 28. Book your one-way flight to Edinburgh.

Step 29. Feel really excited about your upcoming move. Again, this is normal and to be expected.

Step 30. Start job hunting in Edinburgh.

Step 31. Repeat step 29.

Step 32. Pack up your stuff and load in onto a truck en route to Edinburgh.

Step 33. Repeat step 29.

Step 34. Sell the belongings you decided not to take to Scotland. Feel a little sad about parting with so many things. Again, this is normal and to be expected.

Step 35. Repeat step 29.

Step 36. Celebrate your first anniversary together.

Step 37. Repeat step 29.

Step 38. Pack up your remaining things in anticipation of moving out of your apartment the following week.

To be continued.


This post is part of a writing project called The Scintilla Project.


3 thoughts on “Scintilla Day 2: Instruction manual for the past year

  1. Ooooh! I can’t wait to hear how your story ends! As one lass who moved for long-distance love to another, welcome! It’s a special club we’re in now. And welcome to the Scintilla Project!

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