The Scintilla Project

Thanks to my friend San, I found out about a blogging project called The Scintilla Project, which, incidentally, starts tomorrow. In their own words:

The Scintilla Project offers you a pair of writing prompts every weekday for two weeks in March, plus bonus prompts on weekends. Pick one and write a response in your blog.

It is probably a little crazy for me to sign up for a daily blogging project right now, but I think it might be good to get a little break from the stress of moving.

I have participated in a couple of writing projects before, NaNoBloMo ’07 & ’08 and Reverb10, and I am excited to do Scintilla13 now that I have rediscovered my blogging mojo. I am looking forward to the challenge of responding to a different prompt every day and telling new stories on my blog.

I even finally added an ‘About‘ page to my blog, which I had been putting off ever since I started my blog in, uh, August.

Are you also doing The Scintilla Project?


3 thoughts on “The Scintilla Project

  1. I probably won’t participate. I just planned a series of three posts about something that has been on my mind a lot lately. But I’ll have a look at the prompt anyway for inspiration. :)

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