First anniversary weekend

This past weekend, N. and I celebrated our first anniversary. And by celebrated I mean we spent it together.

We didn’t do anything special, we slept in, watched TV together, went to the grocery store and cooked dinner. Nothing exciting, all in all it was just a very laid back, relaxing weekend, but it seemed just what we both needed.

With our relationship not being long-distance for much longer, I realize how lucky we have been to spend nearly all major holidays and important dates together. My birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, N.’s birthday, our anniversary … heck, we even (coincidentally) spent Easter and Halloween together! We did miss Valentine’s Day by a day but that’s okay. All in all pretty good for an international LDR with both of us working full-time jobs, I’d say.

The past year has been really great. Not always easy, as it is so much easier to get frustrated by each other when you are not physically in the same place, and much harder to move past arguments, but great nonetheless. I am very lucky to have N. in my life, he is an amazing boyfriend and a very good person. Sometimes I still cannot believe that we managed to find each other. We are so lucky and I love N. with all my heart. I know I say this in nearly every post, but I cannot wait to start our life together.

For our anniversary, N. gave me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet (a Christmas present from his mom) … I chose it, because I think it is perfect for our first year together, which we spent living in different countries. To be honest, I don’t think N. would have gotten it for me because well, it’s an airplane. But for me it is perfect for what it stands for. He also gave me a gorgeous Daisy necklace, which I’ve been wearing every day since. Did I mention I’m a lucky woman?

Pandora bracelet Daisy necklace


2 thoughts on “First anniversary weekend

  1. Happy Anniversary! I love little moments like grocery shopping together, making dinner together, etc. For me, those are the moments that life is made of, and therefore the most important.

    Beautiful bracelet and necklace. Swoon!


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