On making a home

In November, when N. and I spent a day in Dunbar, we came across a little art gallery / shop that was selling prints by Fréya Eté, an artist who is originally from Australia living in London.

The Found Gallery in Dunbar

I immediately loved the print they had hanging in their window. Not only am I a big fan of cats, but N. and I are even bigger fans of staying in together and just snuggling up on the sofa.

Shall We Curl Up And Just Stay In  by Fréya Eté

That day, I only ended up buying two greeting cards, but we decided that when the time came to buy artwork for our apartment, we would have another look at Freya’s prints. Shortly after Christmas, Fréya did a sale on all prints in her shop, so we decided to take advantage of it and buy a few prints for our apartment. I also ordered two prints for my best friend, because her 30th birthday was coming up in February. – This is why I held off on writing this post until now, as I wanted the prints to be a total surprise to her.

Hello Sunshine by Fréya Eté

It was so hard to narrow it down to a few prints, and we ended up ordering six prints (N. originally just wanted to get a total of two, I just wanted to get a total of four, just to give you an idea), which is a little ridiculous, but to be honest, I could have easily found another six I would have loved on our walls. So many of her prints really speak to me, and seem perfect for me personally and for us as a couple.

We both really love her artwork, it is so bright and positive, and I cannot wait to see the prints framed up on our walls. It will be so nice to have something that we both discovered together in our apartment, and I am quite happy we found prints that we both like, as I think until now our ideas of nice decor were quite different, hah.

The Fledgelings by Fréya Eté

There will be a lot of work to be done on our apartment as N.’s flatmate pretty much took over the living room with his mostly football-related decor, and so far there is only a minimum of furniture (it’s a typical boys’ apartment right now!), but I cannot wait for us to make it ours, for us to make a home together. I can’t even say how happy it makes me that we will be sharing a home, our home, in just three short weeks.

Never Stop Exploring by Fréya Eté

Please be sure to check out Fréya’s Etsy shop after she returns from her holiday next week. I exchanged messages with her on a couple of occasions, and she is absolutely lovely and super helpful. She also does greeting cards (N. got me one of her Christmas cards <3), custom prints for weddings and birthdays, wooden mobiles and other beautiful things.

– All images used with permission.


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