News on the job: not good but not all bad

I finally heard from the job I had been waiting to hear from for the past week.

The short version: I didn’t get the job.

The long version: She needed someone to start right away, but she would like to stay in touch with me in case a second position opens up. Her company may potentially be getting a big long-term project and it sounds like if they do, she may have another position for me. She would definitely be in touch with me again in the next two weeks.

So, it’s a no. But from the sounds of it, it’s not a definite never-ever no. It sounds like timing may have been the main reason she chose someone else over me. Not my qualifications or personality. Which is a good thing, in my opinion. Not that it really makes a difference in the end.

I don’t know how much of a chance there is this could still lead to a job but it’s not like I have any other job offers to consider at the moment, so I’ll keep an open mind, after all there is still some time. I will simply continue applying for jobs and if she ends up having a position for me before I find something else, I’d be happy. If not, I hope I will find something else soon.

A few days ago, my supervisor mentioned that the applicant they had offered my position to declined, so they will have to start from scratch finding someone to replace me. He also mentioned the possibility of my continuing to work remotely for them until either they have found someone for my position or I have found a job. We’d briefly talked about this before but this time he mentioned it in our team meeting to our whole department so it seems he is now seriously considering this an option. We will discuss it further in a week or two, and I’ll see whether it will actually happen and if so, in what form. I am pretty sure it wouldn’t be full-time, but project-based, and I have no idea how taxes will work with my being a UK resident then. But it would be a good opportunity to make some money, if I don’t find a job right away, and it would be something to do. I imagine it would also look positive on my CV (no/smaller gap and it kind of implies my employer is happy with me).


3 thoughts on “News on the job: not good but not all bad

  1. Definitely work remotely. You might be better off working as a contractor, might have to check the UK Tax code. I mean, how cool would that be? Having income while you are searching for a local job. Sweeeeet!

    • Yeah, it would definitely be good to be earning some money while looking for an actual job. Let’s hope it works out and doesn’t get too complicated regarding taxes in the UK! There is also still a chance this job will work out, the director’s email definitely didn’t just sound like it was polite chitchat but she seemed to genuinely hope she would have a position for me soon.

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