No news yet

No news yet on the job, but then, she did say Monday which is tomorrow, right? Eeep. I really really hope it will be good news.

In the meantime, I have found a few more jobs to apply for and will get back to doing that next week. Although I think it will be difficult to score any interviews before I am actually there, just because I cannot actually go to an interview in the next four weeks.

I kind of took the past week off from job hunting, although I have been looking at job ads every day, after preparing for the move of my stuff was so stressful. I spent this weekend in Munich. Last weekend there until the move, although I will have a few more days after I move out here and before I fly to Edinburgh.

So, fingers crossed for tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “No news yet

  1. Well, first of all when they say Monday they mean maybe Monday and any of the 10 days after Monday. For real. No one ever gets back to you on time :) And if it is not this one, there will be another one :) Fingers crossed for this one of course!

    • Yeah, I know. I really hope to hear from her today, although realistically I probably won’t. This week would be nice, though. Waiting sucks.

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