That would have been too easy

Just a short aside to let you know what happened with my cellphone contract. Ah, it would have been too easy if I was actually able to cancel it due to my move abroad (like I was told by the T-Mobile customer service in January). No, things are about as straight-forward with T-Mobile as with O2. Which means not at all.

I have since been told that no, there is no way out of my contract before October, or rather, I can cancel it, but I will have to pay the service charges anyway, which makes no sense at all because that means paying for a service which I will then have no way of using (internet, included minutes, etc.). Haha, yeah, I don’t think so. Apparently, I can downgrade to a cheaper plan, though, and while that is not free either, it will still save me a little money (about 25% of the remaining service charges).

I know I have little reason to complain as just about anything else has gone as smoothly as it possibly could so far, but moving abroad is stressful as it is. No need for these companies to make it even harder.


10 thoughts on “That would have been too easy

  1. Isn’t there anything in their terms and conditions about moving abroad? Don’t they need to charge it to a German bankaccount? I had a lot of trouble with T-Mobile as well though. I didn’t have any reception (none at all!) in my new house and they kept telling me there wasn’t a problem.

    • As far as I know they (like all mobile service providers) are under no obligation to let you out of a contract early. They do need to charge it to a German bank account, but I am keeping my German bank account (at least for a while) anyway. If I told them I wasn’t going to keep it, they would just charge me for the full amount now. But if that’s the only other option, I’d rather just keep it with a cheaper plan, because that way, I can at least use it when I’m in Germany visiting.
      Anyway, I think that it may also depend on who you’re talking to, so the next time I’m in Munich, I will go to one of their shops and speak face-to-face with one of their employees to see if anything can be done.
      So far I was quite happy with T-Mobile, but it is a shame they are not more customer-friendly in that regard. I don’t think they see this sort of customer service as profitable, but it will make me think twice when selecting a service provider, should I move back to Germany.

      • Me too. I don’t see myself getting back to T-Mobile anyway, because they didn’t resolve my complaint and kept telling me the problem didn’t exist!?

  2. I am also on T-Mobile and have recently started to despise them. I’ve been with them for 11 years, but their customer service the last few months has been horrible. I cannot wait until my current contract is done with and I can move to another company.

    That being said, once upon a time I was planning on moving to Hawaii (had a job and apartment all lined up) and T-Mobile did not have coverage there. I asked them if I could cancel my contract because they could not continue to provide me the service I had signed up for. They said they would. Of course, I didn’t end up moving or actually cancelling the contract, so who knows if that would have actually come to fruition.

    Gah. T-Mobile sucks.


    • That’s lucky they offered that, although it may have been different in your case because you didn’t move abroad, in my case, they would probably argue that I can continue using the service through a roaming partner (as you would when abroad for a holiday), and that is true, although it is a bit silly, because who in their right mind would consider that a long-term solution.
      I was with T-Mobile in the US when I lived there, and for some reason thought my contract would just expire after a year (not sure why I thought that as it is definitely not that way here), but luckily I was just able to cancel it without giving any notice. Had I done the same here, I would have been stuck with another two-year contract (you have to give three months notice or it will renew itself by two years), ridiculous!

    • Yes, I signed a two-year contract and they can hold me to it. They could be nice and let me out, but they are under no obligation to do so, because I could technically keep using the service even when I am abroad, so it is different from a landline/internet service provider.

  3. I’m pretty sure cell phone companies are evil. And that’s awful that they won’t work with you even though you’re leaving the country. Seems silly.

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