Things are going well

Thanks for all the comments on my last post, friends. I really appreciate them.

Everything has been moving along nicely.

The truck for next week has been confirmed so my stuff is definitely moving to the UK in a week. I will be busy packing up as much as I can in the next five days. I can still send a few boxes over in a few weeks, but everything I can pack up now can be shipped for free, so I really want to take advantage of that and basically only keep here what I need in the next six weeks.

There are some news on the meeting/interview as well. They had no open positions which left me unsure of what exactly I would be “interviewing” for. Although that word has not been used and it is just a casual meet-up, I do think I am essentially interviewing for a job at the company. Yesterday, the company advertised a new position that would fit me quite well. It definitely sounds exciting and challenging, and I think it would be a step up in my career, so let’s see. I know they will likely also interview others for the position if they are advertising it, but it would be truly amazing if I got the job. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Tomorrow, someone is coming to look at my apartment. I didn’t know until this afternoon but it figures that they would wait until my apartment is an absolute battlefield from packing. I have managed to make it look a little neater, but let’s face it, I’m in the middle of packing up my existence here, it is still a huge mess. Oh well, it will just have to do.

I’m home this weekend, which means I really have to get ahead with packing. Even though this is quite stressful for me – I feel so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to start – I know that in a week a big chunk of packing will be done and dealt with, and all the boxes out of my apartment and on a truck to Scotland. This is a real relief and I know that the rest of the packing should be okay. I will have about five weeks left when I come back from the UK, and that kind of seems like a long time compared to the next five days.

In a week, I’ll be in Edinburgh again. I haven’t been there since late November, which is hard to believe. I’m really happy to be back there soon and looking forward to the weekend. My best friend, who is currently living in Edinburgh, has her birthday on Friday. I timed my visit to coincide with her birthday, and it turns out to be incredibly lucky that I did because otherwise I would have gone last weekend which might have been to early to meet with that company. N. has made an appointment for me to open a bank account on Saturday. He suggested I do that next weekend, because that way I would have my card and everything by the time I move there five weeks later.

It’s just a visit to Edinburgh, my last visit, but it already feels different. Opening a bank account and meeting about a potential job – not the usual things you’d do on a visit. My move is coming up so soon, and already, everything is different.


One thought on “Things are going well

  1. It’s so exciting!! And I’m so glad the truck is working out and that you can send so much of your stuff over for free. Sure, it’s making things very, very busy, but it’ll be nice to have all that packing done so early.

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