Busy times, exciting times

I have been quite busy lately. There are some good things in the works. Really good things. Fingers crossed that everything works out.

N.’s employer is having something transported from Nuremberg to Edinburgh next week, and they offered me to fill the rest of the truck with my stuff. All this would be free for us. Not everything is 100% set in stone yet, but if everything goes well, most of my stuff will be on its way to the UK next week. I am already packing up stuff, and have filled a few boxes already. The great thing is that this allows me to take more stuff, without worrying about shipping charges, and the fragile things (dishes, glasses etc.) should have a better chance of arriving in one piece. The best thing, however, is that this means we can keep my couch, dining table set, my dresser table and my bike, and that will save us loads of money. Now everything should be finalized by the weekend, fingers crossed that everything goes well, and this actually happens next week. How lucky would that be?

Moving boxes

Another recent development is that I have been in touch with the director of a company in Edinburgh. I had inquired on Twitter about a position they had advertised about two months ago, I merely asked if it was still available. Two weeks later, I received a message from the director of the company on LinkedIn. Long story short, the position is no longer available but she thinks I could be a good fit with the company for my German skills. She asked me whether I was visiting Edinburgh again before moving there, and why yes, I am. Next week in fact. We are meeting on Sunday afternoon, please keep your fingers crossed for me! I feel torn between being really hopeful this will lead to a job offer and trying not to get my hopes up too much, because I’d be really disappointed if it didn’t. Either way, I’m extremely excited and extremely nervous. I hope I didn’t jinx it by writing about it, but I am too excited not to share.

So, lots of exciting things happening. Potentially. Even if just one of these two things works out, that’d be brilliant.


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