A much needed vent

Tonight I spent roughly 45 minutes on the phone to two companies. One was my mobile phone provider, T-Mobile, and one my land line/internet provider, O2.

The T-Mobile call was short and sweet, and actually quite positive. I thought I would ask if there was any chance they’d let me out of my contract six months early, expecting a big fat no. However, I was told that as of January 1st, they do let customers out of their contracts early if they are moving abroad. Now, I am not yet celebrating, I will do that as soon as I have it in writing, but this would be excellent news as it would save me €40 a month for half a year (a total of €240!).

The O2 call on the other hand was a different story. I had canceled my land line and internet service way back in November. Originally I was hoping they would let me cancel at the end of March. My contract ran until mid-January but if I didn’t cancel it by that date, it would renew for a full year. I thought it might be possible to have it run until the end of March if I canceled it early enough for it not to renew for a year. I mean, O2 would get an extra €75 out of me and I would get an extra 2 1/2 months of service. Win/win, right?

I got a call from them and the lady told me that yes, it was possible and she would put in my cancellation for March 29th. A week or two later, I got a letter confirming that my land line and internet would be canceled by January 12th. Wait, what? I called O2.

This time, another lady told me that no, it was not possible for my contract to be extended by only 2 1/2 months and it would have to end on January 12th. I found a quick solution: my neighbor would allow me to use his internet connection for the remaining time I am here. I didn’t really care about having a land line phone, I just needed the internet because N. and I use Facetime a lot and no mobile plan would allow me that kind of data usage.

Fast forward to today, January 14th: I came home from work only to find that my phone and internet were still working. Two days after my contract was supposed to end. I called O2 and ended up having a 38 minute conversation with them (although I am pretty sure I spent nearly half of that time on hold). Turns out somehow my cancellation was taken out of the system. For whatever reason. And with the cancellation (that they had already confirmed to me in writing!) not in the system, my contract auto-renewed by a full year.

Me: fuming on the inside. Now the lady was extremely nice, she assured me that the renewal would be undone, that I had canceled within the set period of time, and that everything was documented in their system. Thank God. She told me that I could cancel my service at any point in time so I picked the end of March. I had noticed that the WiFi signal of my neighbor’s network can be quite poor in my apartment and since N. and I depend on WiFi for phone calls, I decided I would rather keep my own service running if that is possible. After all, that is what I wanted in the first place.

So in the end, it looks like I got exactly what I wanted, only it took three lengthy phone calls and a lot of frustration on my part. However, until I have the cancellation for the end of March in writing, I am not going to get excited about this just yet.

Goodness, I cannot wait to be done with all the paperwork involved in this move. It’s so stressful!


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