Making it official

Hello 2013. It’s been a while since my last post. The past 2 1/2 weeks have been absolutely amazing, it was fantastic for N. and me to spend so much time together.

There are a ton of things I want to write about, the fun N. and I have had, share pictures, and share some big news. Today’s post will be all about big things.

Big thing #1

In the last week of 2012, I gave notice for my apartment. I have to move out by March 31st. It was nice to have N. there when I dropped off the letter at my landlord’s house.

Big thing #2

I wasn’t going to tell my supervisor about my leaving until the end of the month if possible but on Thursday, two things happened.

#1: My landlord showed up at my office* and ended up asking me, whether I was just moving to another apartment or getting another job. Luckily, no one was around but why on earth would he ask me about that at my workplace?! I don’t think he had any malicious intent, he may not have realized that I have a much shorter notice period at work (three months is the most common in Germany).

* Kind of inappropriate but he lives right across the street, and it’s a small town, I have sort of gotten used to my work and private life not being completely separate. (Still hate it, though.)

#2: A co-worker told me that someone told her that the person who sits across from me at the office told my supervisor that I was leaving soon. I have no idea how she would know (unless I let something slip without noticing), and if she did why she would tell my supervisor, and whether this is really what happened. All I know is, I really regret ever telling anyone at work about my plans, and I really did not want to be the subject of gossip. I figured, if my supervisor knows, I might as well tell him, and if he doesn’t, I’d rather he find out from me. Basically I decided that I wanted to be back in control of who knows what about my leaving.

So I told him. I told my supervisor that I will be leaving at the end of March. I haven’t given my actual notice yet (don’t have to until March 1st), but it’s out there.

I wasn’t going to tell my other co-workers until maybe a month from now, but my supervisor mentioned that they would really like to start searching for my replacement soon, so would I mind at least telling our department about my leaving this week? This week because a regional newspaper will be writing about, and they are hoping this would get them a wide range of applicants, if they can put the job ad online before the article is published. He did say I didn’t have to if I thought that would make things awkward, but to be honest, I’d feel like an asshole if I did that.

Well, this is all going much faster that I had originally planned. I mean, I wasn’t even going to tell my supervisor for another 2–3 weeks, and now he wants me to tell the whole department (and I might as well tell everyone at the company at that point).

I think I will do it, simply because I don’t really have any reason not to. For some reason, making it all so final makes me a bit nervous, being at a point of no return, but at the same time, I have already canceled my apartment and told my supervisor. How is telling my co-workers going to make any difference at this point?

This hasn’t been going according to plan at all, but that might not be a bad thing. I had been so worried about small-town gossip and word getting to my workplace that I had canceled my lease, and I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

At this point, I am thinking it might actually be nice to have it all out there, to be able to talk about it.


One thought on “Making it official

  1. Wow. You are taking that really well.

    I didn’t tell a soul at work despite two close friends working there. I couldn’t chance it with the employment law in the US despite being in a leadership position. So you have probably been gossip for a while;) But at least it’s out in the open now.

    Your landlord? totally inappropriate……

    At least now it is out in the open:) Enjoy the moving planning!

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