A clash of accents

If you have ever heard me speak English, you know that I speak with an American accent. In fact, I have even been told that I could pass for an American, which I consider a compliment. I don’t think I always spoke American English but it kind of happened that way. I mostly blame movies and TV, and I am sure my year living in Oklahoma did its part too.

Lately, though, since I started dating N., my accent has changed. I had the impression that it had, and when I saw my best friend in Edinburgh last month, she also commented on it. N. of course still thinks I sound American, because let’s face it, I am a long way off from sounding English or Scottish (haha, even the idea of me ever having a Scottish accent sounds silly).

But I do think that my American accent is less pronounced and my vocabulary has changed slightly. I use words like wee, flatmate, bin, and sometimes I find myself not pronouncing the r or, alternatively, rolling it. Either of which is not American at all (well, I guess it is if you’re from New England). Conversely, N. has started using some American words.

So far, I am pretty adamant about sticking to American spelling and punctuation (even though N. loves to correct my “mistakes”), but I have a feeling that I will have to adapt once I move to the UK, especially once I start working there.

Regarding my accent, I have no idea where it is going. I know that I tend to pick up the accent of whoever I am speaking to, so it will probably get more English/Scottish over time. It might just turn a big mash of accents,  like N. who is from Blackpool but also lived in London for a few years and then moved to Edinburgh as a teenager. (Luckily this means he does not sound very Scottish at all, so I have no problems understanding him.)


One thought on “A clash of accents

  1. I think I will sounds like Madonna eventually;) You know, American but with some odd accent. I am doing the same as you Replacing words and such.

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