The last return flight

I just booked my last return flight to Edinburgh this morning. This year I have flown from Memmingen (FMM) or Munich (MUC) to Edinburgh (EDI) a total of six times, and by next week N. will have done the same amounts of flights. Both of us have one more visit planned for next year before my move. This morning I booked my flight for my last visit to Edinburgh.

It actually works out perfectly. My best friend’s birthday is February 15th. I don’t remember if I mentioned it before, but she is currently doing a Master’s program at a university in Edinburgh, so she is living there until next summer. (This is completely unrelated to me and N., basically a big and great coincidence.)

Originally I had planned to fly to Edinburgh for the first or second weekend in February, because that was 4–5 weeks after N. left here, but when T. mentioned her birthday and that she would be happy if I came, I really wanted to make this happen. February 15th is a Friday and it is just 1–2 weeks after the weekends I had originally looked at. The flight turned out to be a bit more expensive than the other two weekends, but my bestie’s 30th birthday is absolutely worth it! I am pretty excited that I will be there to celebrate it with her, and so happy how it all worked out.

It does mean that after N. leaves in January we will have our longest separation yet (six weeks), but after having had 2 1/2 weeks together and with my move coming up so soon after that, I think we will be fine. Lately I find the separations easier, probably partly due to the fact that most have been shorter but I also think that knowing that I’m moving there in just a little over three months helps immensely. And time is flying. I remember back when I still had 5–6 months to go until the move, and now it’s already December!

So, that’s the last MUC-EDI return flight booked. Almost feels like a milestone. Now all that’s left to book is a one-way flight to Edinburgh for the end of March.


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