A day in Salzburg

Three weeks ago, when N. was here, we went to Salzburg for the day. It was a bit crazy because we spent nearly nine hours traveling that day, but the return train journey only cost us a total of €26 and N. had never even been to Austria, so we decided it would be silly not to go, while I still live here.

Salzburg Castle and the river Salzach
Mirabell Gardens
Houses in Salzburg
Waiting at the red light

It was quite a nice day despite it already being November, and we really enjoyed our trip. I had been to Salzburg a couple of times before but to be honest, I didn’t remember it very well, so it was nice to visit again.

Café Tomaselli in the Old Town
Old Town of Salzburg

We had lunch at a local restaurant and it was really good.

Lunch at a local restaurant
Pumpkin strudel for desert

I can’t believe that it’s been nearly three weeks already and tomorrow I am leaving for Edinburgh for the weekend, so sharing some pictures was well overdue.

Salzburg Castle
Salzburg Cathedral
Rubber-duck Mozarts
Mozart’s Birthplace

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